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The Luxury Experience Is What People Want...

An interesting perspective on luxury that I have gained in many years of staying and working with luxury brands comes down to one thing – it is all in the detail!

The detail really encompasses an awareness of a combination of senses all working together in harmony. From the culture/energy/vibe of the service through to the minute detail of the things that create the experiences for guests; the state of being evoked in people while in different spaces in the hotel; the scent of the essential oils in the bathroom product; the mood lighting in different spaces; the inspired touches of decor that add to the experience; the quality of blackness in a room at night to aid in the production of melatonin to achieve a restful and rejuvenating sleep; the aware food choices available to meet the nutrition, health and wellbeing of guests; the consideration, spaciousness and flow of the rooms and suites; the quality of facilities that raise peoples energy and create long lasting memories for them. Luxury is communicated from everything that the brand represents, from the first time a website is visited to the continued and thoughtful touch points of all branded items all focused on the end users ‘experience’.

“Luxury means different things to different people and this is especially true today. As emergent middle classes seek the material aspect of luxury travel, more mature markets are craving a new, evolved kind of luxury. This is why offering luxury customers a relevant personal and exclusive experience will become even more crucial than it is today – it will be a differentiating factor between old and new luxury,” says Rob Sinclair-Barnes, Strategic Marketing Director at Amadeus IT Group.

“Understanding your business’s role in delivering an end-to-end luxury experience for a traveller is key to improving collaboration, and reinforcing an industry-wide push for consistent luxury service. Exploring the latest technologies and innovations for making the industry work better as a whole is key to achieving a new level of luxury that has never existed before” says Sinclair-Barnes.

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