Top 11 Technology Trends Of 2016

From Veggie burgers, AI Robots, Saltwater Batteries and wearable tech to Infopreneurs (the new Entrepreneur. Digital Marketing is dominated by two words - Mobile and Video, it all comes down to beautiful digital story telling.

Top 11 Technology Trends Of 2016

1. Renewable energy comes of age

The 2015 Paris Climate Conference agreed to action for the first time in history - billions of R&D funding in sustainable energy technologies announced by Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. In 2016, the renewables avalanche will become unstoppable. Just follow the money.

2. Infopreneurs - the new Entrepreneur

Digital Marketing is dominated by two words… Mobile and Video, it all comes down to beautiful digital story telling. The average user consumes more than 65 minutes of live video a day and this number is growing fast. The future of knowledge and culture is in Infopreneurs filtering, simplifying and distributing digital media. Last November, Google reported that within a typical online travel purchase path, a user would:

  • Conduct 38 different web searches…
  • Watch 5 videos…
  • Visit 380 sites…
  • For a total of 419 digital moments…
  • Over a period of 60 days…
  • With 87% of this action happening on a mobile device!

3. Homes will become Net-Zero

For new home builders, the focus will be on ‘net-zero’ buildings, which consume only as much energy as can be produced on site or which generate more energy than they use.

4. A saltwater battery?

To date, the uptake of solar energy has been hampered by ability to store what is generated. Battery storage will come of age, 2016 will be the year that battery storage transforms non-fossil-fueled energy for everyday use. Elon Musk’s Tesla already expands out from performance sports cars to power storage for houses.

5. Robots on the march.

The Japanese robot company Softbank, released its first generation of social robots, Pepper and all 1,000 units sold out in less than a minute. Mark Zuckerberg's Personal Focus - Last year Mark chose to read one book every two weeks. For 2016 he's coding his own personal AI helper at home - think Tony Stark! Clearly, companions that don't sleep, don't eat and don't have opinions have quite some appeal.

6. 3D Printing will become a service

The process is proving immensely useful for the fast prototyping of designs and ideas, and the materials used range from plastics to steel to sandstone. Applications are pretty broad too - from prosthetic prototypes to architectural models, automotive designs, car chassis and aerospace parts.

7. Millennial Mindset trends toward group spaces

Millennials and those who have the "millennial mindset" are looking for a hi-tech, hi-touch experience. They like all new lobby bars and hotel restaurants that are wide open with combination work, play and eat/drink spaces. They can be a "party of one" but "hanging out together." So give them what they want—personalised experiences that create value. This group is quick to share a ’wow’ or non wow via social media.

8. Wearable technologies will struggle

While clever and cool, in 2016 wearable technologies will continue to struggle for everyday relevance. Do we really need more gadgets to distract our lives or keep ourselves amused while waiting for the bus or sitting on the train?

9. Tech takes on cancer

In late 2015, a young girl in the USA who’d failed all treatments for leukemia was cured in a clinical trial of a new gene therapy called CAR-T-Cell Therapy (Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cell Therapy) . The stock market certainly thinks so: Juno, one of the companies developing CAR T-Cell Therapy, went public and raised $264.6 million in the largest Biotech IPO ever.

10. Optimal Channel Mix

Online travel agencies (OTAs) are having a tremendous impact on distribution. They are responsible for incremental demand and the OTA's extensive digital marketing campaigns and sophisticated platforms reach travelers who might not find your hotel any other way. Find ways to use OTAs without relying on them as your primary resource—and get more eyeballs to your own web site, and make sure your website ‘wow’s them.

11. Veggie burgers will go mainstream

Last year, Google offered to buy Silicon Valley Start-up Impossible Foods for US$ 200 million. The company is ‘developing a new generation of delicious and sustainable meats and cheeses made entirely from plants … without the health and environmental drawbacks of livestock.’ Livestock needs a huge landmass to maintain, requires 24 times more energy to produce per kilo than plants like corn, and produces nearly 15% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions (methane).

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