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Use Pop-Ups to Increase Subscribers and Get More Direct Bookings!

When done well, the results will speak for themselves. There are a few ways to tastefully integrate these into your website and they don’t have to be when you first land on the website.

  • Subscribe to newsletter – after 3 page visits
  • Subscribe for special offers – when scrolling to the bottom of the specials page
  • Best rate guarantee – on loading of the home page
  • Subscribe to blog – slides in when scrolling down articles
  • Book direct – after 2 pages, offer an incentive to book direct or subscribe for exclusive online direct bookings

Pop-ups are a great way to get more user interactivity, grow your database and capture more direct bookings (reducing OTA commissions to be paid). Offering an incentive to subscribe will accelerate the number of opt-ins you receive.

The pop-up will only appear the first time a user visits the website and has ‘cookies’, so it will be reset 90 days after the user has visited the site (the number of days can be changed). Other pop-up activation options include when a user has been on your website for several seconds, when a user starts to scroll, when a user reaches the bottom of a page and when a user has visited the second or third page on your website.

Add an incentive with an exclusive offer

We can even add a ‘triggered’ email or series of emails as a follow up action when someone does subscribe. This is a great way of continuing interaction with your customers and adding more touch points to promote your brand and offer real value to the user.

As a user lands on your website a pop-up appears that says ‘Subscribe to our Special Offers to receive an Exclusive Rate.’ On subscribing the user will receive an automated email offering them a discount of 5% (or another special rate you want to offer). The auto responder can have a promo code in it, with a direct link through to your booking engine, making it easy for guests to book online. You can keep this pop-up on your website through-out the year, which gives users an incentive to book direct (reducing OTA commissions). We can also set up the pop-up offer so that you can adjust it yourself during different times of the year.

Chateau Elan

Pop-up appears on scroll and has ‘cookies’ set for 30 days.

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Brisbane International

Pop-up appears on landing and has ‘cookies’ set for 30 days.

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Contact us to discuss and find out more – costs start from $520 plus GST.

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