Using Landing Pages to Increase Conversions

By creating a specific page targeted at your users or 'core customers', you can measure valuable metrics on their behaviour across niche aspects of your business. Google AdWords is one example that can be used to land users directly on a specific page that is relevant to them, and draw them into the rest of the site.

Using Landing Pages to Increase Conversions

A landing page is any page on a website where the traffic is directly sent to achieve a certain action or result.

How can landing pages benefit you?

Weddings may be a big part of your business. Expanding into this niche area can be beneficial by adding a landing page which takes you to a wedding gallery, wedding planning information or even a wedding blog all about weddings and suppliers in the region.

Landing pages can then be targeted by other online marketing such as Google AdWords and 'land' people directly onto these pages for them to find relevant and interesting content.

All landing pages done in this way are good for the SEO of your site and provide valuable metrics on user behaviour across unique and niche aspects of your business.

Here are a few examples of ways that landing pages are used with online marketing:

  • Traffic is sent to the landing page from Google AdWords with the keywords the searcher has used.
  • Banner ads or sponsorship graphics link to the landing page, specifically designed to address that target audience.
  • Competitions are a great way to engage with your customers. You can run an online competition and drive traffic directly to a landing page to enter the competition.
  • Landing pages can also be special promotions that you can offer through QR codes in the local press. This will then give you a measure on the effectiveness of the press ad, by tracking the visits it has generated. You can also offer promotions through email.

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