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Web Design for the Hotel Industry

At Pebble, we love great design. We’re passionate about it. We embrace the latest trends in the design industry while constantly evaluating what works best for hotels to increase visitors and online revenue.

Responsive Design

You may have heard a lot about responsive design lately. It is one of the most important design factors of any hotel website. Having a site that has been built to be responsive for all devices will increase your site’s traffic and, in turn, increase your bookings.

Flat Design & User Interface

Web design continues to evolve and move with the times. With the introduction of responsive web design, we as designers have had to find ways to make sites work across multiple devices, while maintaining fast load times. With this in mind, sites are now designed with a more clean and intuitive focus.

Flat design is also more simplified. Websites now communicate with text and colour rather than shadows, bevels and other special effects. Flat design focuses more on user experience by stripping graphics of any design elements that don’t function for their intended purpose. The designs look just as good on retina display devices, as well as e-readers that don’t have such a high screen display.

This doesn’t mean your website has to be simple or plain, rather it should deliver the best user experience possible. Simplicity means you avoid placing unnecessary content and design elements on your website just for the sake of it, making it much cleaner and easier to navigate.


One of the most valuable pieces of marketing content for a hotel website is the photography. The more professional your photography, the more likely it will appeal to your customers and encourage them to book a room. Adding large images throughout your website is ideal for any hotel and tourism website. Be sure to tell an engaging story on the main pages of your website with imagery.


Your website needs to tell a story. It needs to portray the essence of your brand and your services. Using design, imagery and words, combined with an understanding of user experience, you can lead potential customers through your website with ease, subtly directing them to the areas you want… to book accommodation or make an enquiry.

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