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Welcome to the ‘Experience Age’

With mobile connectivity and the revolution of camera technology, we are entering an ‘experience age’.

With a connected camera televising our life in-the-moment, accumulated information takes a back seat to continual self-expression. The “virtual self” is becoming less evident (your Facebook status is less important and has declined by 21%). I may be the result of everything I’ve done, but I’m not the accumulation of it. Realtime sharing of experiences is what connects us together rather.

As we evolve as humans we are seeking experiences more than just information. This is a huge concept to fully grasp in the hospitality industry and all businesses for that matter.

We see this playing out in web everyday and as digital story tellers, we are moving towards connecting people with the experience of a property rather than just focusing on the facts and facilities.

HTML5 video is a great example of engaging people in the emotional experience as well as more artistic stalled photography and content articles that immerse the guest in the experience.

Technology is good and plays its role but will never connect like ‘people to people’ do and this is where the customer service while at the property is so important.

The ‘end goal’ for all our experiences can normally be fine tuned down to simple ’happiness’, being happy. People share and remember their happy experiences and want to repeat them or connect more of their life journey to them.

We find that people actually like receiving EDM’s for hotels as they remind people (hopefully…) of the happy experiences they had and deserve more of. Give your guests permission to live fully and be clear on the specific experience you can offer them to enrich and improve their quality of life.

Virtual reality is here already and adding to the experience equation, but more about that in a future insite.

If any of this resonates with you and you would like to discuss more, please give us a call, we love to chat.

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