What can you do to further meet your guests expectations in 2017?

The guest experience goes beyond a great looking website that works responsively on all devices.

What can you do to further meet your guests expectations in 2017?

The guest interactions you have at every touch point really matter. The great thing with digital interaction, is that you can measure every step of the way and you can easily tell if your guests love you.

Areas for consideration:

Inspire your guests, share authentically what the experience will be

Guests want to know that their stay at your property will be an experience. Help them envision their stay as your guest.

How are you showcasing your property online? (your website, emails, social media OTA’s etc.)
What is happening in the local area? Are you adding local attractions, events, things to do and explore - we all love to discover new things when travelling?
What offerings are available onsite? An electronic compendium in room to guide them with ease.

The booking journey

Today’s consumers expect both desktop and mobile booking options. Regardless of the method used, make sure the experience is an easy one. Is it easy to see reviews on your website, can they compare prices from OTA’s directly on your website?

Do you use pre-arrival email communications to offer upgrades, news on the latest events in the area or even luxury extras like champagne waiting for them on arrival?
Do they need airport transfers, guidance on parking, hire car service etc.?

In House Guests

Your guests arrive. How effective and welcoming is your welcoming process. It’s so great in Bali to receive flowers and cool drinks while check in occurs. What would add to and make your arrival process unique and memorable?

Is the whole hotel team empowered to inspect each area of the property and report any issues before they are noticed by a guest?
If a guest incident arises, do you have a means to quickly and effectively remedy it?
Is the guest experience more relaxed and comforting now that your guests are in house or are you still pushing the branding of the hotel on all the in room collateral and signage?
Is there in room information that is easy to use on hotel facilities and nearby eating options, wellness considerations, exercise options, local attractions? An electronic compendium on their personal device works beautifully for this task and is easier to use than a TV remote controller via the TV.
Have you collected everyone’s email address and welcomed them into your loyalty rewards club (especially those OTA and travel agent bookings)?

Ending? Or new beginning?

Your guests have departed, but it’s not over. With their consent, you’ve compiled relevant information about your guests. Don’t let your engagement end the minute they leave your property.

Have you asked your departed guests for feedback in a cool way? What’s in it for them, it is always reciprocated well when there is an equal give and receive exchange.
Are you leveraging the guest information you’ve gathered during their prior engagements with you?
Are you leveraging this information to incentivise guests to return with personalised offerings based on their preferences?
What channels will you use to ensure that you are staying engaged with your guests and deepening your insight into their preferences?

There are many areas to meet your guest expectations beyond the obvious ones to stand out, be authentic and memorable. The world we are in is changing every day and we all have many more choices when it comes to purchasing, especially a holiday.

Technology is here to help us and through the many electronic touch points, you can meet your guests expectations by offering simple and easy to engage with tools, information and inspiration. You can measure and monitor all stages and deepen your understanding of who and what your customers want. The key to offering the value your customers are looking for and in turn growing your business to extraordinary heights.

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