What To Look For In A Great CMS (Content Management System)

As a hotelier, you need complete control over your website and direct online revenue stream, that includes an array of online tools and functionalities to grow your business. Having a website that you can easily manage is essential.

What’s the difference between website CMS servers?
Do you settle for a common template or be unique and stand out online?
What features do I need?

What To Look For In A Great CMS (Content Management System)

What CMS Server should I use?

Should I use an ‘open source’ platform like WordPress or is it better to use a SAAS system - Software As A Service?

There is a big difference between web servers. Open source is the most widely used platform as it is the most cost effective initially, but does incur ongoing maintenance costs due to the fact that it requires constant updates to plugins that are changed or patches to hacks because of the open nature of the code.

When you use a cloud based service (SAAS), it is slightly more costly on a monthly basis, it is more secure as it is a closed system, offers all the functionality needed for hospitality and has the added benefit of enjoying many upgrades with no extra work or cost.

At Pebble, we use a SAAS system and have further developed this to include many custom modules and applications that are HUGELY important to add to the SEO and functionality of your website.

Do you settle for a template?

There are many cheap templates widely being used online today and many hotel websites are all starting to look the same. How do you then stand out amongst the crowd and ensure you are communicating your best attributes and a rich brand experience beyond just the usual images and information overload. The Pebble Design web system follows a proven system of brand discover through to a custom designed and built website.

Our ongoing support also ensures that you have access to other innovative ways to reach and market yourself online to attract more visitors, improve content engagement and ultimately get more enquiries and bookings.

Notable features of our CMS technology include:

  • Custom responsive design integration
  • Website hosting included, worldwide locations
  • Supports full responsive design, not just adaptive for the three screens (desktop, mobile, tablet)
  • Offers on-page content control and editing (InContext Editing)
  • Dynamic Web App technology to display content in multiple areas and style in the site like specials
  • Release and expiry dates on content (set and forget)
  • Secure pages for eccommerce and payment gateway integration, gift vouchers etc.
  • Showcase individual room types with large image display
  • Smart Booking Widget to provide user-friendly and conversion-focused reservations
  • Compliance with SEO best practices
  • Built in CRM - customer relationship management database created from online forms
  • Semantic coded, clean and optimized code and images for search engines & load speed
  • Compatibility in most popular browsers including Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. Splash page for Internet Explorer 7, 301 Redirects from old website
  • On Page SEO (page titles and URLs, meta data, H1 tags), Google Web Fonts, Javascript and jQuery (no Flash - not supported on Apple devices)
  • Favicon (browser icon, Google Analytics tracking)
  • Email hosting and web mail for smaller accounts

If you would like to know more or are currently already using our services and would like more training, please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

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