What’s headlining in hotel world?

There is so much happening in hospitality and travel, a multi billion dollar industry and growing.

What’s headlining in hotel world?

I skim through hundreds of emails, blogs and websites on an ongoing basis, to pull out what I see as relevant or interesting trends in the market.

Here are some of the latest news stories:

TripAdvisor CFO Sees ‘Hotel-Like’ Commissions in a $1 Billion Tours and Activities Business

A smart move for any hotelier to add a profit stream to your business in the form of commissions from local tours and attractions. You already have an in-house market to offer more services to - the question is, how are you promoting these to make extra revenue?

View Skift article here

Uber plans to turn its app into a ‘content marketplace’ during rides

A new take on going from A to C (content).

Even Uber recognise the immense value of content, even though they generally make it into the news for the wrong reasons, they are still valued at $68 billion and growing. They fully want to explore the value of content within their app. How can you take small steps to increase your content strategy and build on the long term value of your business and SEO rankings and better user engagement?

View Tech Crunch article here

How To Easily Reduce Your Reliance On OTAs By Understanding Customer Expectations

Interesting point on the origins of how and when OTA’s started in the recession when travel needed all the help it could get. However their business model has grown and is super successful for them but taking its toll on those who don’t take back things into their own hands. Consumers expectations have evolved and OTA’s take full advantage of this - are you? I am still amazed at sites that don’t display their own reviews and leak visitors to other sites.

View Fuel Travel article here

Priceline’s Boyd Says Company Has the ‘Muscle’ to Offer Private Rates Like Hotels Do

This one is a serious concern, like B.com aren’t talking enough profit away from hotels already. Who’s clients are they offering private rates too, they don’t take care of the guests like the hotel do, so really it’s just more ways of taking money off hotels and the owners.

View Skift article here

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