Where Is Technology Going In Hospitality?

The future of hotel rooms is coming and it’s connected.

The big chains treat hotel rooms like concept cars. They stuff these rooms full of technology and let their engineers and designers experiment, innovate and test with them.
Noiseless cocoons to take calls, robot butlers to deliver items to rooms, smart carpets filled with sensors, enter and control your room from your watch and more.

Where Is Technology  Going In Hospitality?

Tech Filled Rooms

His’n’hers televisions, wireless headphones and a smart mirror. Developed in conjunction with Panasonic Connected Solutions, alongside your jetlagged, rheumy eyes and bedhead, it’s a touch-screen display, showing local weather, news and sports scores, stories about which can be pulled down to read in full. There are plans afoot to allow this to sync with your smartphone to deliver your schedule, messages and emails, to read while you’re brushing your teeth in your socks. Touch pad on mirrors to control lighting for putting on makeup or creating a soft ambient mood.

Rest when you need to, let the smart-lighting generated sunset subliminally wind you down with the right lighting. Then in the morning or when you want to wake up, the ambient lighting will caress you awake with a fake sunrise and when the alarm eventually goes off, you can time your coffee machine to deliver Java as you stir. Then, when you’ve hoteled for all you’re worth, exit the room and sensors detect your absence and shut the lot down.

Sound Cocoons

‘buzzibooth is being developed for Four Points communal areas, which is a desk ensconced in a noise-cancelling cocoon that is as strange as it is novel. Sound-battening materials create a virtual cone of silence where you can make and take calls and generally take the hubbub down a notch or two while you work.

Green Rooms

Some brand hotels are manufactured adhering to strict LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – certification, and environmental impact is considered at every stage of production, even down to recycled artwork on the walls and the air quality in your room. Wall paint and floor coverings are also being graded and tested with new materials and solar charging for tablets and phones through ‘SolarSkin’ material.

Smart Carpets

Smart carpets are coming. RFID tags in the corridors’ deep pile will track you via your smartphone, directing your individual way to your room via subtle lighting. That room service tray you just hoovered up? Lie it down outside your room and the carpet will message housekeeping itself to come pick it up. And during the night, a loo visit will be expedited by sensors under the carpet that sense your weight arriving off the bed and illuminate accent lighting in the convenience to ease your travel to the throne as your circadian rhythms announce that you need a 4am comfort break.

iWatch Apps

Keyless entry is already in place. Everything custom tailored to the guest. Having pushed your room key to your phone app or Apple Watch for wireless entry before you’ve even arrived at the hotel, you can duck reception entirely, and having waved your iThing under the lock’s nose, your room then knows exactly who’s in residence and will set the room’s air conditioning and lighting levels to your strict, pre-saved requirements. Playlists will download direct from your phone or tablet and you can finish streaming a movie you were watching on the flight straight to the sail-sized television.

Let’s not loose sight of what all the fuss is about, it is all about the customer and their experience, their personal comfort and time saving convenience.

Original Article by RORY BUCKERIDGE - Hotels of the Future

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