Why A Responsive Web Design For Hotels Is Key

Ever since Google announced that it recommends responsive web designs, hoteliers have been looking to update their sites. The need is obvious – reach many people with one website, instead of building separate websites for desktop and mobile users.

Why A Responsive Web Design For Hotels Is Key

As we move into 2015, more site visitors are checking in and out of hotels with their mobile phones in addition to booking their hotel rooms. With the onset of Social Media, more people will be leaving reviews and asking questions – you guessed it – from their mobile devices.

What Every Hotel Should Know About Responsive Web Designs

Now is a great time to revamp your website. If you have been putting off redesigning your website, this should now become a top priority for you. Industry-wide occupancy levels are expected to reach 64.8 percent in 2015, the highest since 1995. (Source: PwC)

Will your hotel website be ready to grow with the changes? Do you have social media marketing solutions in place to handle the new volume of reviews? How are you positioned in your current marketplace?

These are all questions you should consider. In addition, you should consider the following:

  • Budget – You should consider this a primary investment in your company. It is your “brand ambassador” to the world. Do not skimp on this because everything else you do online will focus around your website.
  • Usability – Make sure your new website is user friendly. Can visitors book a room, get directions, and subscribe to your newsletter easily? Do they have access to your blog, social media and other areas of your hotel’s branding?
  • Blog – Blogs are a great way to increase your branding awareness, while sharing upcoming events & area information. Make sure your visitors can find your blog and that you update it regularly – giving them a reason to come back, even if their hotel stay has ended.
  • SEO – Make sure your new website will have proper SEO in the code. This will help you get indexed and ranked properly by the Search Engines. After all, you not only want to have an amazing website, you want people to find it, too.

If you implement the above suggestions into your new responsive website, then you will be able to reach more people at the exact time they need and want your services. Don’t lose bookings because you are cautious about updating your website. Do it now, so you can capture the larger audience expected over 2015 and into the future.

Give us a call if you would like to find out what percentage of your clientele are mobile visitors and discuss your options around upgrading to a responsive website.

Original article by: Nicole McGovern, SEO Manager Mary Jo Caruso

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