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Why Consumers Abandon Their Online Travel Bookings

The travel industry spends billions of dollars every year driving traffic to their websites, yet 81% of visitors leave before completing their booking.

As consumers, we’re all familiar with the idea of ‘shopping around’ for our dream holiday, or indeed just wanting to find a good deal on the next trip to visit family, friends or colleagues.

  • 86% of people said they typically make their travel bookings online – with the rest preferring to book in person or by telephone;
  • 94% of people said they had abandoned a booking online (6% are very good eggs!);
  • Our lovely responders were in 12 countries across the globe, with the US, UK and Australia covering 64% of all responses;

Unsurprisingly, the most commonly cited reason for abandonment was that consumers were ‘not yet ready’ to book and were still in the ‘just looking’ process. This trend is common in shopping cart abandonment too, with consumers using the basket page as a way of creating ‘wish lists’ and building up an idea of what their dream purchase would be.

Price plays a huge part in the booking journey (hey, we all love a bargain right?) and a large proportion of responders highlighted that they wanted to compare prices elsewhere before completing their booking.

This was further highlighted when asked, ‘where’ in the journey people were likely to abandon, with over half citing the moment they were shown the total price as the point they’d most typically abandon.

It’s not all bad news though

A staggering 87% of consumers responded that they would be likely to search for the booking again, with 46% saying they would do so within 24 hours of abandoning the booking.

Why Consumers Abandon Their Online Travel Booking

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