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Why hotels should stop marketing their features and amenities

While marketing has changed significantly over the past decade, the perception and value of true hospitality has not. And yet, despite often times having great visuals most hotel websites are losing out on great opportunities to connect and bond< with prospective guests and as a result do not secure bookings. They fail to create the emotional connection. Apple, the computer company, is a telling example on how to do this successfully. Look at the reasons why they are such outstanding marketers – Apple sells technology, but that’s not what they market. People – the way they feel and respond and are understood - are at the heart of Apple’s marketing.

Guests appreciate (and remember) simple gestures

In turn, hotels sell hospitality but at the heart of their marketing are features and amenities, even when their core product is all about people. As a reminder, the term “hospitality” stands for “the quality and disposition of receiving and treating guests with warmth, cordiality, geniality and friendliness”.

A hotel’s unique selling point is its hospitality – the way it is lived and exuded in a hotel and how it affects its guests. The “experience” that’s made mention of so often and that guests and customers are looking for these days, is just that: to have someone really listen to you and provide you with undivided attention. To feel important and appreciated. To meet someone who seems sincerely interested, and who anticipates what’s needed to make your stay as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

It is always good to remember that prospective guests don’t buy accommodation or a convenient location. They purchase a pleasant atmosphere, good feelings, answers to their questions and solutions to their personal needs.

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