Why is influencer marketing a great opportunity for hotels?

We all already know that the best form of marketing is ‘word of mouth’ and better yet, it is free.

Why is influencer marketing a great opportunity for hotels?

Why not connect influencers with hotels who have free nights to exchange for word of mouth marketing on social media.

People today, see beyond marketing concepts and BS and are looking for the truth. Information and communication is now very transparent and available 24/7 through our smart phones.

The important distinction to make is to be aware of where the attention in the market is. Majority of peoples attention is on their smart phones in social media. The traditional channels like TV, radio and press no longer capture the majority of people’s attention.

We now live in a sharing economy where everyday people have the power to influence.

What is an influencer?

Influencers are normal everyday people who are passionate about sharing their discoveries. They are someone who believe strongly about particular things and has built a tribe of followers who appreciate and connect with the shared interests. They have a cause, a mission, a passion or interest which followers really connect with and trust.

True influencers build great connections with their tribe and are there to support and inspire them with their discoveries and first hand experiences. Followers love to share things that will be of value to their friends (‘word of mouth’) and that’s how the tribe grows.

How can hotels get involved?

Every year, as part of the agreement of most management rights properties, each apartment owner offers between 4 and 14 free room nights of their apartments to use as famils. These free nights have been generally used for travel agents and press. Now with the Online Travel Agents like booking.com taking over, there are no sales people to offer famils to.

So who else can you give these famils too? Yep you got it, influencers. The social famils. These avid social media geniuses have a huge influence on their committed followers.

By working with influencers, they can share the love with their followers and all you need to do is give away a few free nights that your owners have already given you to use. It’s win win!

What is the benefit for the hotels?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll be well aware of the explosion of the social reach. Facebook, Instagram, Vlogging, Twitter… this has become the daily norm with people spending between 3 - 7 hours on their devices, much of that time being spent on social media.

I hear you ask ‘How is this going to turn into actual bookings?’

You need to be where the people are and they are getting social on their devices. Through platforms like Facebook we can run a Facebook pixel and we can setup custom dashboards to analyse traffic and revenue through Google Analytics to quantify and fine tune results along the way.

We are seeing Instagram in-particular, being brilliant for hotels, but YouTube vloggers (video bloggers) are becoming incredibly popular too. Twitter also is great and some influencers also post their experience on their own blogs. What works great on Facebook is running competitions and if you’ve worked with an influencer, part of the strategy could be to get them to share your competition giveaway with their followers.

All influencers have their own style of what works for them so it’s great to get a variety of influencers to spread your brand throughout the different platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Blog). The context of each platform is very important as they are not the same. A big mistake made by the majority of businesses at present.

How we can help make this happen?

If you haven’t really dived into these platforms, that’s ok, you don’t need to. We work really hard to keep things simple and easy for our clients.

The key to getting this working for you is:

  • Creating a customised well thought out strategy
  • Introduce you to influencers that suit your property (e.g. fashion, wellness, family, romantic couples, travel, relaxation influencers…)
  • Setup the platforms
  • Maintain your social platforms ongoing
  • Help with suggested agreements inline with the objectives
  • Continual tracking and analysis of results - increase visitor numbers and engagement

Welcoming the opportunities in today’s modern world is part of keeping things fresh and innovative for any business. Social influencers are part of the solution to low cost brand awareness ongoing.

Feel free to contact us today to discuss more about how influencers can share the love and grow your business.

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