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Why Pinterest Is Better Than Facebook For Hotel Marketing

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an aspirational social media site used by 70 million people around the world. The premise is pretty simple – users create photo pinboards of objects they would like to buy, or places they would like to visit.

Hotel brands like the Four Seasons use it as one of their major social media outlets, and when you look at the stats, it’s easy to understand why. While Facebook’s active users grew by 2% in 2014, Pinterest users grew by an incredible 111%.

Great for SEO

It’s also useful from an SEO perspective. Under each picture, you can include a brief description and a link to your website. If these descriptions contain pertinent keywords, they will show up on Google searches.

Set up a Pinterest Page

To create a Pinterest page for your hotel or tourism business, visit Pinterest for Business – business.pinterest.com/en. Once you sign up, you’ll need to fill out basic profile information such as your business name, username, profile photo, business description and URL.

Once you have your profile, you can start creating pinboards that will lure users to your hotel website.

The key is coming up with very specific pinboard topics. While it’s definitely worth showcasing photos of your hotel, pinboards that show off activities or landscapes in your local area will have a much broader reach.

Consider the types of tourists you would like to attract, and what will interest them about your area. For example, if you run a motel on the Great Ocean Road and you’re looking to attract adventure travellers, you could create a pinboard specifically devoted to surfing. If you run a cozy bed and breakfast in the Dandenong Ranges and you want to appeal to couples, you could create a pinboard devoted to weddings.

Pinboard Ideas For Hotels

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are just some of the pinboard ideas you could use:

  • Hotel photos: Showcase your hotel’s best features; your rooms, the amenities, etc. Use photos from your hotel website.
  • Local attractions: Post photos of everything that makes your local area unique, whether it’s beaches, walking tracks, mountain views or restaurants.
  • Activities: Highlight what people can do near your hotel. Create a separate pinboard for family activities.
  • Wildlife: Are there any animals or birds specific to your area that might attract visitors? Post pictures to tempt people to come to see unique or unusual native wildlife.
  • Inspiring quotes: Pinterest is full of inspiring quotes about travel and adventure. Jump on the bandwagon!
  • Food: If your hotel has a restaurant, show off your food. If you don’t have a restaurant, post photos of local cafés, food or recipes.
  • Weddings: Post inspiring photos for people planning their wedding. Bear in mind that 80% of Pinterest users are women.
  • Travel tips: Helpful advice or information is always handy and helps to inspire confidence in those who may be thinking of travelling to somewhere new.
  • Local history: Pinterest users love repinning anything vintage, especially when they’re familiar with the area.
  • Local architecture: Post pictures of local buildings of significant historical importance or that have an interesting story behind them.
  • Behind the scenes: Let guests meet your staff and see what goes on behind the scenes.

Article By – Emily Tatti, Upside – Jan 28, 2015

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