Would You Like A $100 To $4,400 Return On Investment?

In global figures released last year, we know how effective email marketing is, proven in the statistics. But what if your campaigns don’t produce that kind of ROI?

Would You Like A $100 To $4,400 Return On Investment?

Here are 5 common mistakes made in strategy and execution.

Email marketing has a 4,400% ROI, which means you can get back $44 for every $1 spent. But what if your campaigns don’t produce that kind of ROI.

Some of these mistakes happen because they are counterintuitive. Others because email works differently than other marketing channels.

But the fact is, email marketing works.

Mistake #1: Ignoring Segmentation

Your subscribers aren’t all alike. It is super important to create lists like leisure guests, corporate, wedding, restaurant or by location. You can even create lists of your most loyal customers and reward and take care of them even more. You could even create OTA lists of people you have originally got via these channels and put them in an automated email funnel to convert them to book direct with you.

Since you have limited time, instead of forgetting about segmenting all together, you should at least separate your audience in different groups that have certain similarities.

Demographic, Geolocation and transactional.

Transactional segmentation includes:

  1. Sending upsells and cross-sells that reflect previous purchases.
  2. Winback campaigns based on the time of last purchase.
  3. Loyalty programs based on the number of purchases made.

The Direct Marketing Association found segmented and targeted emails generate 58% of all email marketing revenue.

Mistake #2: Using a boring subject line

People get heaps of emails every day. How will your company stand out if your emails have unappealing subject lines?

The importance of subject lines isn’t a minor issue. 33% of email recipients decide whether or not to open an email based on subject line alone.

So making your subject lines click-worthy is a must-do.

We have covered this topic in a previous insight - how to be a subject line superhero.

Mistake #3: Sending too many emails

One of the hardest tasks any email marketer has is to define how many emails to send their subscribers.

Majority of hotels we work with don’t have this problem, this is more common in other industries. I personally believe people love getting email from hotels as it reminds them of their happy memories. (we all love to be back in our ‘happy place’).

What is the right amount to send per month? 2-3 emails a month has the best proven record for effectiveness and customer engagement.

Mistake #4: Sending emails inconsistently

This is a big common mistake. People send too few emails or even worse - none.

This may be due to the fact some companies don’t see the value of email. Other companies may not have enough resources to spend on email marketing. Whatever the case, if your company sends emails irregularly, your subscribers may forget you.

The key to a successful email marketing strategy is consistency. That means, sending emails regularly. Whether that’s once a week or twice a month; people should be able to expect your emails at a given frequency.

You can’t expect someone to become attached to your company if you talk to these people once every few months. You need to be present.

That’s what marketers call being “top-of-mind.” In a way, you create that awareness by being consistent. If you can provide value long enough (consistently, remember?), you will make your audience trust your company.

Mistake #5: Overcomplicating the design

Your emails should always be in sync with your brand and your overall design aesthetics but if the design lessens the impact of the content within the email, you may not get the results you desire.

Keep things simple, clear and easy, oh and did I mention short? All too often I see very long winded emails sent out with way too much content. No one enjoys reading long emails especially on their phone, the most popular device people check email on.

Images and visuals are absolutely a critical part of marketing your product or service. If you didn’t add any images to your emails, it could be fatal to your branding and your conversions.

Everyone loves images, but be sure to have text to explain the offer or email in case people have images turned off (43% of people have images blocked in their email client).

Also make sure that your email is responsive, works on multiple screen sizes.

Here is the fun bit…

There are no mistakes, only learnings along the way.

Our Pebble Mailer email platform offers incredible stats so that you can compare and learn incrementally as to what works and what isn’t. This way you can be well on your way to making sure you get a 4,400% ROI on your email marketing.

Still sounds too hard - don’t worry, we love this stuff and can do it all for you.

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