Custom Health and Well-being - Testing and Protocols

Your Health, Your Biomarkers, Your Well-being - Functional Health Unique to Each One of Us

The health journey can be quite confusing and there is no one size fits all. We are all so incredibly unique in our genetic makeup, the environmental and social influences that surround us, the foods that we consume and the products we use. In this interview with Pettina Stanghon, we talk about where to really start with health to get a full picture of our own unique specific biomarkers. Once our health blueprint has been established we can then look at sustainable and natural lifestyle options to move forward with so we have the energy and vitality we need to thrive in life.

Pettina is founder of Whole Life Health Foods and Noosa Confidential - a team of over 30 handpicked health professionals that offer integrative health programs. They are Australia’s only 360-degree, gut-health focused solution utilizing the best of functional medicine, traditional psychology and psychotherapy coupled with leading edge evidence-based natural therapy solutions.

What they are doing is really paving the way in Australia towards what I believe will be much more common in the future of a health system that really supports our well-being naturally and holistically.

In this interview we touch on why we should optimise our health and well-being, the different types of testing, common health issues, the epidemic of sugar addiction, food as medicine, aligning to our values, optimising living spaces, hotel wellbeing experiences, customize health programs and so much more.

By listening to this interview I hope you find more clarity about how to move forward with a health solution that is unique specifically to you to take your well-being to the next level.

In this interview, you'll discover

  • How the health journey came together for Pettina (2.08)
  • The GAPS Protocol (4.30)
  • Bloodwork and other biomarker testing (5.23)
  • Two types of doctors (6.45)
  • The addiction epidemic of sugar (9.00)
  • Most people don't know what feeling really good actually feels like (10.45)
  • Starting with food to feel good (11.55)

    If we can just stop, even if it sounds so basic and ask "maybe it's my sleep, or what I'm eating, maybe because I'm drinking every night, or drinking lots of coffee, and having an afternoon mars bar when my sugar cravings hit... maybe I should start to look at this." And I know that seems ridiculous when you're considering leaving your husband but if we just come back to basics because when you start feeling good your lens of reality starts to shift. When you start to feel better, you make better choices in life.

  • Alignment with your values (14.45)

    Alignment is the keyword for Pettina - if you come back to your values and beliefs and we start to get clear on those and then look at 'Are those values that are in alignment with how we are communicating first to yourself, then to your loved ones, with the companies you are supporting, with how you show up, with what you are putting on your body?' There needs to be alignment with yourself and with your values and then that will get reflected throughout your life.

  • Residential program and relationship improvement. Food as medicine classes. (15.25)
  • Hotel and practitioner wellness collaborations for guest to experience wellness holidays. Custom wellness programs (17.10)
  • Biomarker testing and results with Functional Integrative Doctors and Naturopaths who are trained. (21.13)
  • Hormone Testing for women, so important for women (22.45)
  • Custom wellness holidays with biomarker testing (23.57)
  • What hotels can do to create well-being rooms? (24.56)
  • Prescription movement protocols and holistic health (27.57)
  • The bigger picture - optimising our biology, having greater self-awareness and self-responsibility. The female voice, cultural roles, vulnerability,
    bigger broader conversations. Evaluating and broadening our perspectives (32.47)

    I believe that the dis-ease that we feel within our bodies erupts as hormonal or cancer or obesity or autism or all the different types of manifestations. I believe it's a reflection of the priorities that we've had up to this point and I see a massive shift of people starting to evaluate and look at the why and just be curious 'What was the 'why' again around this?' So it's about re-evaluating your priorities and your 'why' and that's happening from a macro to micro and that's fantastic and that's exciting.

  • How the discomfort of physical and emotional pain is our opportunity for growth (37.43)

    Most people require discomfort before they're willing to stop and evaluate and that is why hitting a crisis is your biggest opportunity for growth

    It's just a willingness to not use discomfort or pain as an indicator of something wrong but use it as an indicator it's time to have a look at something.

  • The things that Pettina does daily that help her align her energy and her focus in on what she is creating in life (37.43)
  • How powerful is learning to you (42.21)
  • Final message to share (44.20)


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