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Powerful immunity and the health food trend of 2018

I love the idea of getting the nutrition we need from whole foods, the sun and nature and minimising supplementation where possible. Yes supplementation is great when we are working on deficiencies but for a sustainable, long life I don't want to rattle like a pill bottle. I want to integrate body nourishing practices into my life. There is a deeper connection with our body that happens when we know why we are consuming particular types of foods and elixirs so we are really nourishing our internal organs. Incorporating Medicinal Mushrooms, a nutritional practice 1000’s of years old is one of those healthy habits that I believe will support my system to thrive. Lions Mane mushrooms, for example, was only severed to emperors but now we have access to these amazing mushrooms.

In this interview with Mason Taylor, he shares such rich philosophy and understanding around how medicinal mushrooms can help support not only our organ function, our Jing, but our electromagnetic pathways, our Qi as well as our Shen which is our spirit, being connected and happy.

I love the scientific understanding of how things work but it’s the philosophy that shines through in this interview really excited me.

In this interview Mason touches on herbalism, the main different types of medicinal mushrooms and how they support the body, longevity practices, yummy health elixirs and mushroom coffees, sustainability, the massive trend of medicinal mushrooms right now as identified by Wholefoods - America's largest organic health food organisation and we touch on so much more.

Mason is a wealth of knowledge, a gorgeous vibrant human being, who has distilled such wisdom of the ages into his products and I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation.

In this interview, you'll discover

  • Mason shares what he is excited about.

    A lifestyle that is always toning our internal world and internal function and getting to the core of health so people aren’t reliant on western medicine.

  • Mason shares what drew him to doing what he is now with Superfeast. Tonic herbalism, longevity practices, how he could get the best out of his body and life.

    Tonic herbalism is all about getting in touch with the body. There doesn't need to be a problem in order to take herbs but it’s about having an intention for health and what you really want to get long term.

  • What is tonic herbalism.
  • The 3 classifications of herbs - 1. inferior herbs, 2. regular herbs, and 3. superior herbs - taken long term for longevity as a functional food in the diet with deep medicinals that nourish organs, immune system and Qi flow among many other things.
  • The explanation of adaptogens. won't cause any further harm to the body when taken in an appropriate dose, it will have an accumulative benefit over time, have a multi-directional capacity. It's not just going to drive the immune system up or down but help restore and give you the capacity to come back into homeostasis.

  • The Trend of Mushrooms - Wholefoods, America's largest organic health food organisation said that it was the trend of 2018.

    Built into the system of taking mushrooms is long term use and it gets you thinking about your inner world, your immune system. You have the intention of toning your immune system and your organs.

  • The difference between superfoods and medicinal mushrooms.

    The medicinal mushrooms being heavily medicinal. We have such a pandemic of deficient immune systems but there is a reliance on western medicine. So it's about taking back control of our own bodies and not relying on these institutions. You've got a piece of the puzzle in your diet that gets weaved into your coffee or tonic so you are looking after your immune system ongoing.

  • Getting medicinal mushrooms into kids the easy way.
  • The Daoist system, a philosophy of aligning yourself with nature and living a very sustainable life in the flow so you can get the richness of life. There are 3 treasures.
  • 1. Jing (the wax of the candle) - restoring core energy that brings forth our capacity to get up and go - stamina, libido, power in the body, fertility. The more Jing we have there more longevity there is. Getting the liver and kidneys really strong. Bone health, hormonal health... In the western world, we have people burning the candles at both ends, burning through their Jing... a lot of cortisol, a lot of coffee. A very inefficient way to use up the energy of your body. When we talk about longevity we are not just talking about adding years to life, we are talking about adding life to the years that you are living.
  • 2. Qi (the flame of the candle) - taking the matter, the blood, the hormones and even the bones themselves and then making them vital. It's the electromagnetic flow through our body running along our energy pathways which correlates to fascial change. Qi correlates to the way we process emotions. The way electromagnetic energy moves through organs and then changes shape or direction through those organs. When we don't have proper organ function through those organs the Qi can't move through it, we are going to see what we experience as anger.
  • 3. Shen (the light of the candle) - spirit, wisdom, sit with yourself and just be happy and content.
  • Each of the tonic herbs are going to tone Jing, Qi or Shen.
  • Jing herbs - He Shou Wu herbs, Cordyceps - they are toning herbs for the kidneys and adrenals specifically and the Jing that exists within our cells which is our genetic potential capacity to create energy ourselves.
  • Cordyceps - can tone Jing and Qi.
  • Astragalus is a primary Qi tonic. Working purely on spleen and lung but that circulatory capacity we have to move Qi and blood and bring back that vitality, that skip in our step.
  • Reishi - the most revered herb in the system. Grows off living trees or dead trees. Reishi tones Jing, Qi and Shen but primarily is a Shen tonic. That’s why it was revered for a mediative practice, or anxiety, restlessness.
  • Medicinal mushroom for your morning coffee - nourishing the nervous system and adrenals with Reishi, using Jing or Neural Nectar or Mason's Mushrooms.
  • Medicinal Mushroom dosage.
  • Hot Chocolate mix - Mushrooms, butter or coconut oil, Caco, honey.
  • The best mushrooms to take in the morning, during the day and in the evening.
  • The simplicity of an of the medicinal mushrooms with hot water and honey.
  • In the afternoon as a pick me up have a Jing, a Mason's Mushrooms or Astragalus.
  • Reishi is an incredible herb to have at night to bring in deep sleep cycles. Mix Reishi and camomile tea. Just half a teaspoon.
  • Why wild mushrooms matter.
  • Beauty Blend - The idea is for people to start getting connected to organ function, especially the liver. More detox is necessary to keep people healthy when there is so much environmental and metabolic toxicity. It’s not an aggressive detoxifier. It’s for long-term use, toning and enhancing your innate detoxification function in both phase 1 and 2 through the liver so your body gets better doing it.. You get this line of tonification across the spleen through the liver and then nourishing the essence of the kidneys. As you bring great Qi flow, you start to experience more radiance.

    At that point, people get to experience not external beauty but the perception of how their organs brings forth inner radiance. And they start feeling what beauty and radiance is specifically to them. Not an ambiguous idea of it. So over a 5 year period, you have an internal idea of what beauty and radiance is not from the women's mags anymore. You have it internally of what beauty and radiance is for you.

  • Some healthy practices we can do to support our bodies that are relevant to us. It's all about embodying the practice so they become unconscious choices - mushrooms for immunity, move your lymph, hydration, soft internal meditative practice, getting our lungs nice and toned with deep breaths, a breath practice, sunshine, don’t put chemicals on your skin, skin brushing so your skin can breath, healthy local food, grow your own food, culinary herbs, have your passion projects and passion infusing… and then get ready to feel the change.
  • The “shoulds.”
  • Sustainability of the mushrooms, our mindset, our emotions and our lifestyle.
  • MSM - beauty mineral, phase 2 liver detoxification, dissolving bad calcium deposits that cause aging, making the cell membrane more permeable so nutrients are getting in and toxins are going out. It's such a toxic world so it's so helpful for the body. A beauty combination - MSM, warm lemon water, Beauty Blend, honey and a little bit of sea salt. Amazing warm water tonic.

What Hotels can offer guests

Mushroom elixirs, coffees and cocktails hotels can offer guests

  • Relaxation and sleep - A relaxation tonic - Reishi, Camomile and honey is the perfect combo. You can also use the Mason's Medicinal Mushrooms which are working on the nervous system and the endocrine system - so making sure the hormones come back into alignment and balance which is calming the system.
  • Mushrooms for energy
  • Jing for travelers - travel depletes your core essence, your primordial energy, your genetic expression. This is when you're feeling depleted. Jing, hot water, a bit of honey.
  • Mushrooms for executives and athletes
  • Busy executive on fire elixer for corporate meetings - Use the Jing or the Mason's MushroomsNeural Nectar but the Rhodiola has a little flavor tinge to it so you know you're drinking Neural NectarJing and Mason's Mushrooms into everything so easily so if the pallet is not used to the herbs.
  • We have firms and executives and CEOs loving these herbs.
  • 2 of the biggest crossfitters in Australia and are getting great results as well as NRL football players and models all over the world.
  • Tremella mushroom is more effective than hyaluronic acid with bringing moisture to the skin.

    Having mushrooms in hotels will happen and that will be relevant.

  • Medicinal Mushrooms in the bar in cocktails - Schizandra margaritas.
  • The best way for mushrooms to start is in coffees.
  • A beautiful way to present mushrooms is with a lovely little explanation of the goodness it is doing for the body.

    Mushroom coffees have really hit the mainstream so if you're a boutique hotel that prides itself on being a little bit cutting edge or offfering what you think would be the best for your guests. It's that next level of care and people appreciate it.

Quick Curious Questions

  • Mason's favourite elixir at the moment - Hot Chocolate - Tremella mushroom but also acts as a creamer, Cacao, grass fed butter, whey concentrate (nice and creamy which makes in nice and marshmallowy), Chaga mushroom (highly immunological for protecting the DNA, toning the pineal, also protecting the skin), pinch of sea salt, hot water.
  • Mason's favourite book at the moment - Power of the 5 Elements by Charles Moss. Great book if you are interested in the organs and the way Qi moves through the body and organs.
  • The myths around not being able to have all mushrooms when you have a yeast infection. Some of the medicinal mushrooms are super effective for candida and yeast infections. Wherever there is an immune deficiency Chaga and Reishi can really help get on top of a fungal infection.
  • Mason's biggest learning lesson.
  • The things that Mason does to get aligned to set the tone for his day and continue creating his vision.
  • How important purpose to Mason for overall happiness and fulfillment.
  • Mason shares a message and theme that he feels that is coming through. It's one of relevance in ensuring that the we way are experiencing health is very relevant to you.


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