Essential Oils for Hotels

How Essential Oils can Benefit the Hotel Guest Experience

Essential oils are one of those experiences that make an instant positive emotional and biochemical impact on our well-being. In this interview, you'll find out more about what these positive experiences are and how powerfully they impact us on a cellular level. We also cover some great tips on how to use essential oils for different guest well-being experiences like relaxation, sleep, emotional support, energy, focus, business, a replacement for traditional perfumes and quite simply adding a high vibe experience to your day.

Tess is a Holistic Vitalistic Naturopath and Reconnective Practitioner who integrates ancient plant medicine and the purest essential oils to bring energy and information to every part of your being. Tess uses wholefoods, healing, herbal remedies and essential oils in her practice and seeing incredible results that happen with people on every level of their being when they start looking at their health on a cellular level for vibrant cell health. What Tess found was that herbal remedies would take weeks for a response but essential oils response happened within minutes or seconds. Science shows that essential oils are around 70 times more powerful than herbs.

In this interview, you'll discover

  • How powerful working with plants and their medicinal qualities are for vibrant cellular health. (1.06)
  • How powerful essential oils are for our wellbeing. (3.10)
  • The empowering benefits of having a range of essential oils at home for health and happy well-being. (5.15)
  • Essential oils penetrating on a cellular level - the cell membrane. Sesquiterpenes have the ability to cross over the blood-brain barrier so there are a variety of oils that are very good for the brain. Healing from the inside out and fighting intracellular pathogens from inside the cell with essential oils. (7.05)
  • Core cellular healing - giving the body what it needs on a cellular level then everything gets energized from that. (9.05)
    Essential Oils - natures intelligence matches beautifully with our own bodies cells and what we need as natural beings... it's so powerful yet so gentle. Holistic healing is there for us for the taking.
  • The 3 things we must know about pure essential oils;(10.35)
    1. They are lipid soluble (they can cross over the cell membrane including the brain). They target multiple cells through the bloodstream within 20 minutes or much faster from when you take it (topically or breathing it in).
    2. They are small in size and weight so they can get where they need to go very quickly and efficiently.
    3. Cell signalling - they interact with your cells and your cell receptors so they can react with whole body systems.
  • The emotional effects of essential oils - how essential oils can affect the limbic system. Smell is a powerful signal to the brain, and specifically through the neocortex. The limbic system is there to help us process memory and emotions. The amygdala is there to help us process emotional trauma. (13.40)
  • Accessing the central nervous system with essential oils. The essential oils work by changing your bodies own chemistry and you can then anchor in those new beautiful memories.   (15.45)
  • Integrative oncology centre study - where the 6 essential oil emotional blends of doTERRA were used where they found significant results not only improve the positive emotions of the staff but they had significant improvements of overwhelm and stress. The one blend that was most powerful was 'Forgive.'    (20.20)
  • Using essential oils with children, in childcare centres, in schools... (22.50)
  • The quality of the oils and the difference between essential oils and perfumes. The integrity, sustainability, contribution and charity work doTERRA the company are doing.
    The people, the planet and the plants
  • Oils that are great for sleep, relaxation, balance and a calmer state of being. Lavender, Frankincense, and Sandalwood are very soothing and calming for the nervous system. (32.50)
    Frankincense is like a little turbo boost for other essential oils. Frankincense takes other oils through the membrane quite quickly so it absorbs really quickly and through the blood-brain barrier.
  • Using essential oils under the feet. (35.20)
  • Energising oils to kick off your day with. (36.20)
  • Essential oils for a business environment to switch on the brain. Citrus great for focus, there is a 'Focus' blend too. White fir, Eucalyptus, Rosemary. (38.15)
  • Getting creative with mixing essential oils. (40.30)
  • Flexing your intuition like a muscle by intuitively picking your essential oils for the day. (40.45)
  • The beautiful feminine nurturing qualities of essential oils and essential oils we can wear as alternatives to perfume. Floral oils can stimulate dopamine and serotonin in our bodies to help us feel good. (40.33)
  • Add Essential oils in our skin and body care. Creating a morning ritual to love ourselves and take care of ourselves to setup our day beautifully. (48.10)
  • The power of intention and the science backing it up. Anchor in your intention with essential oils to change your own chemistry. (50.30)
  • Some essential oils that can be used in hotels that everyone loves and changes your chemistry in a possitive way. What happens in your body and emotions when you smell something beautiful. (50.10)
    Provide a space using essential oils for your guests to vibrate with expectations that this holiday is going to be a wonderful experience.
  • What are some of the things that you do in your every day that helps keep you focused and in alignment and what you want to create in your life? (A wonderful response!) (57.40)


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