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​Today I'd like to talk to you about how important online marketing can be when used to your advantage

We typically find that a lot of energy and focus gets used on building and launching a website, a rightly so, it is a lot of work. But the fun and really exciting part of the journey comes from when you can now use your website to your advantage. It all comes down to leverage. If you invest in a website then you want to get the best leverage you can from your website so you can achieve the results that you're after using this very powerful marketing tool.

Organically growing and improving, constantly having a strategy in place that you are getting the most out of your website

It's a bit like buying a new car and not continuing to put petrol in it. It's not going to be able to keep moving without this. Once your car is moving you've got momentum and it doesn't require as much energy to get it 'improving' because it's already in motion. It's a little bit like that with a website and is a large component of what we do at Pebble Design with our clients.

Yes we do beautiful hand crafted websites, but a big part of succeeding online is helping our clients maximise the full potential of their website with online marketing that works. We see millions of dollars flow through our sites and know what marketing is working from the statistics we monitor.

The four cycles of online marketing - Out of all my years of experience, there are four constant cycles that I see in online marketing. You are pretty much always in one or two of these cycles and you should be focusing your energy on one of these cycles so that you're leveraging the best out of your website.

1. Visitors

You have to get visitors into your website. This is key. There are numerous ways of getting more visitors into your website. We've uncovered a whole heap of those so watch some of the other videos to see what they are.

2. Content

The second most important thing is that you really want to connect people with content relevant to them and specific to your property. It is very important that there is enough content in your website that is interesting to them. When it comes down to the location of your property it's important to talk about that location, why people come to that location and what they can do in the area. Content becomes a very important as aspect of grabbing people's attention and giving them additional reasons as to why they will choose your property over another one.

3. Engagement

The actions that people physically take that we can track as a positive action – like visiting your online booking engine, phone you, email you, send an enquiry, become a subscriber... There are lots of different engagement activities that we can build into the website so we are not just showing people information, we are actually engaging with people and giving them an opportunity for them to act on and for you to get results and enquiries out of that.

4. Results

Look at your results. The results will be able to tell you about the above areas but also a much bigger, broader range of information so we can see specifically how the website is performing.

We have been doing this for so many years and every year I run benchmark reports across all of our properties. We have small, medium and large volume properties so I run benchmark figures for each of those sectors. It takes me all of 20 - 30 mins to analyze your web stats against our benchmark stats to see exactly where your website is performing and exactly where there are opportunities are where we can improve on your investment.

Every market is different, every clientele is different, there are so many varying factors and that's what I love about the web. It's a fantastic medium that you can organically be growing and improving so that you constantly have a strategy in place that you are getting the most from your website.

That in a nutshell is what our online marketing momentum is all about. I will get into detail of those sections in some future videos so stay watching.

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