The Inn at Cape Cod


When we found Pebble Design after several weeks of searching on-line, we knew they would design a spectacular new website for our New England Hotel. Browsing through their impressive portfolio was enough to excite us. It seemed unthinkable that we had been unable to find what we wanted in the US. So why had PD attracted us so convincingly?

This would be our third new website experience for our business. Our stunning property only needs the right showcasing to give us the proverbial "unfair advantage" over our competitors. When our search of global website design had uncovered little encouragement that we would ever find what we were looking for, stumbling upon Pebble Design was like coming up for air.

Our key requirements were met without compromise:

  • Design originality, artistry and flair. ( a welcome break from all that boring uniformity!)
  • Simple functionality without sacrificing imagery. Minimal text. Scrolling pages
  • Innovative smart ideas
  • Attention to detail
  • Classy feel

Affordability: No we thought. How could all this be affordable for us? Just take a look at PD,s portfolio! Well we were pleasantly surprised in this respect as well - you get what you pay for, and more besides.

This leads us to how the experience went before, during and after the process of creating our website and in the weeks that followed its launch.

We cannot praise Pebble Design enough for their professionalism. They lead you effortlessly through every dimension of creating your new website. The critical path is detailed for you to follow and you are guided so precisely at all times, at first by Estée for a detailed preamble of details and objectives, and then by Roslyn during each further stage of the process. Roslyn's rapid response to every detail or concern you might have is so consistently excellent, and it's easy to see why she is your single point of contact, once the process kicks off (this is smart in itself). She exudes all the qualities, including patience and charm, that are required to ensure you get the finished product on time with everything, in our case, proof read and fully functional. From start to finish this was without the merest hiccup - exceptional in every respect

It would be unfair not to credit the whole team for our experience. We were very much aware that Pebble Design is an outfit, meticulously set up from the top down. We knew we were in good hands, even when an injection of design flair was needed.

Despite the fact we are in the US, the time difference was never allowed to be an issue. We were apprehensive at first about choosing our website creator on another continent, but the case was so compelling to do so, and thanks to our fabulous experience with Pebble Design, we have never looked back! Our new website is stunning, especially when compared with the almost uniform designs we come across out there in our hospitality market.

So many thanks to Pebble Design for an outstanding experience, the new website "rocks"........ and you continue to look after us (we love your "insights" by the way, yet another sign of how switched on you are). You have given us that unfair marketing edge!"

Best wishes to you all,

Mike & Helen
The Inn At Cape Cod

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