Adding content to the sitemap

Please open this video in YouTube or view full screen so you can clearly see the instructions.

  1. Click ‘Add Content’ in the blue menu bar
  2. All main menus will appear, along with a dropdown arrow next to any menus that have 2nd level pages, which you can click on to appear
  3. Click on a menu name to add content, this brings up a new page
  4. Next to the words ‘Add Content Block’, click on the first box (this says Rich Text) when you hover over it
  5. This brings up a white box for you to add your content to directly. You can cut and paste your content directly into this box, or type this in. Do not worry about formatting your content, we will do this when building your website. You can then save this in the top right and mark as draft or complete.
  6. You can also view and access all menus by clicking on the blue box in the left.
  7. Once you click on a new page in the left navigation, you must click on the blue box to close this navigation to be able to enter content.
  8. Once your content is complete, please change the status in the top right and let us know once all content is approved and final.
  9. To go back to the main sitemap, please click the cross in the top right corner.