Adding Website PDF to EDM

Adding a menu PDF directly to your EDM is a great way to engage people who have opened your email, however from an SEO standpoint, it is better to link the recipient to the area where the PDF is available on your website, as this helps your Google ranking with click-throughs!

However some times you only want the PDF viewable to recipients in your email and not all website visitors. So here is how to link to a PDF directly in Pebble Mailer:

  1. Log into your website admin area and go to the 'Media' tab in the left hand column.

  2. Click on the PDF you wish to link on your email newsletter (EDM).

  3. On the right side you will see grey text 'Copy Link' and next to it the URL you need to copy! Copy the URL next to that text.

  4. Note:: Do NOT copy the main URL at the such as '' as this will not work for email recipients.

  5. Go back to your Pebble Mailer email. Add a button from the left hand column after clicking where you would like the button to go and dragging the button icon. Or click the exisiting button you wish to edit the link for.

  6. Click onto the button and in the left hand column under 'Button Link' add the URL you copied from your website admin media section.

  7. Make sure to click the green 'Done Editing' button on the bottom left hand.

  8. Be sure to test the button when you move to onto the 'Preview' screen with the desktop and mobile preview.