Create a new Blog Post

Making regular blog posts is a great way to keep your website users up to date with the latest news and events and also helps with your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Please make sure to write unique content and don't copy from other websites.

To create a blog post go to 'Modules' > 'Blogs' > 'Blog Name'.

  1. Go to - Website - Blogs and click on New Post.

  2. Enter your Blog title, please be aware if you change the blog title you may need to update the URL below. ( Simply click on Edit to change the URL )

  3. Hit " ENTER " 3 times within the main text area.

  4. Now you have created 3 individual lines within the editor ( Click on the top line with your mouse )

  5. Click on the image manager icon to browse for your image. ( Purple square, with a mountain and sun )

  6. Within the popup window, Once you have selected your image scroll down and click on insert. ( Your image is all done. Remember bigger the image the better, we can not scale images up )

  7. Now scroll to the bottom of the text editor, you will see 2 line spaces below your image. ( Click on the bottom line space with your mouse )

  8. You can either start to type your blog post here or you can copy and paste text from other documents. ( Hit enter to create new paragraphs )

    Please be aware if you are copying and pasting text from anywhere you will need to strip all styling from the text, you can do this by copying and pasting the text into a text editor like Notepad ( Windows ) or Text Edit on ( Mac ). Once you have striped all of the styling from your text you can now copy and paste your text from the text editor into your blog post, might be easier to copy each paragraph at a time to get your paragraphs and layout correct.

  9. Save and Publish, your all done.

Working with Comments

When comments are enabled, site visitors can type messages to leave a comment about a specific post. By enabling comments, you are essentially inserting the Comments module on your blog posts.

Read more about the Comments Module

Adding tags to a blog post

Tags are a visual way of categorizing your content to make it more intuitive for users to find related blog posts, photos and videos.

When you write a blog post, you can select the tags that are relevant to your post from the list or you can enter new tags into the blank field and click 'Add'.