eTrigger EzyRez and Pebble Mailer Integration

Guest Email Autoresponders

The integration between EzyRez and Pebble Mailer allows for a custom designed, automated Booking Confirmation, Pre-Arrival, Post Departure and Cancellation email to be sent directly to your guests from EzyRez via the hand-shake integration with Pebble Mailer.

Booking Confirmation Email

Initial Booking

When entering a booking into EzyRez, make sure the 3rd and 2nd last options are ticked in Advanced Options and a booking confirmation will be automatically sent to your guest (your guest will receive the booking confirmation within 5 minutes).

When you add or change a booking you will always have control over whether or not a guest receives a booking confirmation. You also have the choice to still send booking confirmations and other correspondence via the EzyRez service.

The data that will be updated within the email is as follows;

  • Booking Reference #
  • Arrival Date
  • Departure Date
  • Number of Nights
  • Room Type
  • Number of Adults
  • Number of Children
  • Number of Infants
  • Total Accommodation
  • Deposit Paid
  • Extras
  • Balance Payable on Arrival (inc. Extras)

Note: Staff need to be aware of exactly what they need to select in EzyRez so the Booking Confirmation has the right dollar amounts in the right fields.
A good way to test this is to run some dummy bookings and see the data that comes through to Pebble Mailer. You can see this in Pebble Mailer by clicking on Lists and Subscribers > click on 'Client Name - eTrigger Bookings (DO NOT DELETE)' > and then click into the email address of the dummy booking. From here you will see the dollar values that will show in the Booking Confirmation.

This email often has helpful information in it like check-in and check-out times, reception hours, parking facilities and booking terms and conditions. A valuable way to encourage more visitors to your website before, during and after their stay (more visitors is great for ongoing search engine optimisation and you’re getting more value out of your website).

If you are offering pre-arrival upgrades and extras, this can also be included as a link on the pre-arrival email.

Updating Booking Details

If you edit a booking in EzyRez, the system will ask you this question;

“This booking has changed. Do you wish to send a new automatic confirmation for this booking”

If you select 'Yes' a new booking confirmation will be sent with the updated booking details. If you select 'No' then no updated booking confiramtion will be sent.

Pre-Arrival Email

The Pre-arrival email will be sent out to the guest 3 days prior to check-in with a welcome message and useful information. This time period can be changed if you would like it sent sooner or later (you will need to contact us to have this changed). If the guest is booked in 1-2 days before they arrive they will not receive the pre-arrival email.

In the email autoresponder the content of the email is flexible and will need to be supplied to us. Pre-arrival upgrades and extras are a perfect inclusion in this email. You may want to mention your check-in and check-out times, reception hours and parking facilities again. Other hepful information you can include are things like an image with directions and a link through to the location page on your website, information about Things to Do or Attractions with a link through to those pages on your website so your guest is aware of what they can do while staying at your hotel.

Post Departure Email

A post departure email will be sent to the guest 7 days after the check-out date thanking them for their business. This time period can be changed if you would like it sent sooner or later (you will need to contact us to have this changed).

On this page you can ask them to write a review on your website with a link directly through to the page. This is a great way to get regular copy added to your website through the guest testimonials functionality and you have control over approving which comments go live. You can also add links to your social media sites to like you on Facebook or leave a review on Trip Advisor etc.

Cancellation Email

If a guest cancels a booking, a booking cancellation email will be sent informing your guest of the cancellation. This is a good email to include a promotional offer for the guest to book in the future.

When a booking is cancelled the information in the first list (booking confirmation/pre/post stay) is updated and you'll see the Pre Stay Email Date and Post Stay Email Date are automatically changed to 1 January 2000 which means that because this date has been and gone, the pre and post stay emails will not be triggered.

They will be automatically added to the cancellation list which triggers the cancellation email and you'll see a Cancellation Date in there (when they were cancelled).

So this will mean that the guest will be in both lists.

Bonus Promotional Email

We can setup a fourth eTrigger to sent out 2 - 3 months after a guest has stayed and offer a promotional code for them to book direct for their next holiday.


  • If no email address is entered into EzyRez when a booking is made, no email will be sent to the guest.
  • The emails are personalized for the guest. So the email will say ‘Dear Guest name’ (Guest name being their first name). If there is no name in the name field in EzyRez the email will fallback to ‘Dear Guest’.
  • You can see exactly what has been sent out to all guests by logging in to Pebble Mailer and going to the correct list.
  • Trust Receipts - until legislation changes an email cannot be sent because an original signature needs to be on the receipt.
  • Rate Room Type - Often guests will book a two bedroom apartment which is a 3 bedroom apartment with 1 room locked (and variations of). Pebble Mailer pulls through the Rate Room Type to make sure the cost is correct so you will need to make sure you have selected the correct Rate Room Type. Please also make sure the Rate Room Type description is correct also.
  • Packages - Commissions from OTAs (like will appear as part of the Total Accommodation cost (not in the Extras section) but you need to make sure it is marked as 'In Package'. This applies for other things you would like to appear as part of the Total Accommodation cost.
  • Guest Connect data stops feeding through to Pebble Mailer - Guest Connect can stop working if there is an interruption to the internet connection. You will know this has happened if you cannot see new guests in your Pebble Mailer list so it is a good habit to get into to regularly check your lists. To get Guest Connect working again double click on Guest Connect in EzyRez. If you want to send out booking confirmations to all of those guests that haven't received one, make sure you change the date to the date Guest Connect stopped working and then reset Guest Connect. It's very important you change the date. If you don't and leave it as the default date, all those guests within that date range will receive a booking confirmation again. Before you do any of this please contact EzyRez as it may be a better option for you to restart EzyRez then to do a reset.
  • Bounced Emails - incorrect email addresses - It is a good idea to check for bounced email address as sometimes the email addresses entered into EzyRez may be incorrect. This means guests will not receive a booking confirmation and pre and post stay email. When you go to your Booking Confirmation list you can see the Bounced tab with the others - Active, Unsubscribed, Bounced and Deleted. All you need to do is update their booking in EzyRez with the correct email address and say yes to sending a booking confirmation and they will be added to the active list.

To update your eTriggers please visit the Pebble Mailer eTriggers page.

EzyRez Documentation

For documentation on how to use EzyRez will we provide a link shortly.