Web Apps - Guest Reviews

This Web App enables you to add Guest Reviews as well as publish Guest Reviews that customers can add directly on your website.

To create a Guest Review go to > 'Web Apps' > 'Guest Reviews'

  1. Click 'Add Item'

  2. Enter 'Item Name' - This will be the name of the Guest Reviews displayed on the website.

  3. Enter 'Guest Name' - You can type in Anonymous if your customers doesn't want their name displayed.

  4. Enter 'Item Description' - This will be your review.

  5. Click 'Save Item' or 'Save and Add New Item' if you want to add in more Guest Reviews.

Website Guest Review Submissions

When a visitor submits a Guest Review you will receive an email notification with the Review.

  1. Click on the link in the Notification that says 'View this Item'

  2. You will be prompted to login to the website and after you have logged in it will take you to the web app item.

  3. Check the Review for any spelling errors and correct if necessary. To publish this Guest Review click on the 'check' box next to Enabled so there is now a tick in it and then click 'Update'. This will publish your Guest Review on the website.