Slideshow Image Manager

The slideshow image manager enables you to upload and classify images to any page within your website.

If have the Image Manager installed you will be able to access all your images being used in the slideshow gallery from the following link:

This will display all the images being used and the page they are classified to. You can also use this page to download both high and low res images for your own use.

Adding a new image

To add a new image go to Modules > Web Apps > Image Manager. If the image you want to add to a page can be found via the page, please skip to step 7.

  1. Click 'Create a new Web App item'

  2. Enter 'Item Name' (This will be the name recognisable to you). We recommend sorting the names into groups for easier management (ie 'Room Type - Interior')

  3. Click 'Select' next to the image field and upload your image to the website through the file manager, then select your newly uploaded image and click 'Insert'. Please note: All images must be at least 2000px wide and no larger than 5MB.

  4. Enter 'Caption' to display for the image if needed.

  5. Tick 'Display Caption' if you want the caption to appear.

  6. Click 'Save'.

  7. 'Classify' the Web App Item to the relevant page.

Please note: To remove an image you can either delete the web app item, or unclassify the mitem from any page it appears on.