Managing your Lists

Provided you have obtained the correct permission from your susbcribers, importing your subscriber list into your account is a really simple and straight-forward process.

To get started, your subscribers need to be in a comma (CSV) or tab delimited (XLS) text file. This is a standard format for storing data and is supported by most applications such as Microsoft Excel.

When you save your list just select 'Save As' and choose 'CSV' or 'XLS'.

Please note: If you have a really big file (over 10mb) you could run into problems trying to upload that through the browser. In this case it is best to split your file into smaller chunks and upload them one at a time.

What your list should look like

It is important that your text file containing the subscriber details ONLY have the subscriber details and no other text is to be within the text file as Pebble Mailer will try to add any text on the document as a new subscriber, which can cause upload errors.

Pebble Mailer will automatically decide if the text is a name or email address, meaning no header column text is required.

If you export the list from your booking system is may automatically have additional text on the document like the screenshot below, this text needs to be removed prior to uploading the list to Pebble Mailer:

Your list should only appear as below, first name or full name and email adress in side by side columns:

How to import your file

Select the list you wish to add subscribers to from the 'Lists & Subscribers' tab. Next, click the 'Add Subscribers' button in the sidebar.

Name your list, leave Type as 'Single opt-in (no confirmation required) and click 'Create List'

On the next page click on 'Add Subscribers'

Click on the link 'Select it from your computer instead.' Your subscribers must adhere to our strict permission policy. If you cannot adhere to the 3 list requirements on this page, you cannot import that list into your account. Select the list from your computer and upload.

If your file is in the correct format, you will be asked to match the columns in your file with your Subscriber List fields. You can even create new custom fields for your list for each column as you go. For example if the first names are in the first column select name, column 2 may be Last Name and column 3 may be Email so simply select the correct format. Once you're done, click the 'Next' button.

If any errors were found in your file, you will be presented with the 'Subscriber Import Report', which displays all of the errors found and gives you the option of either fixing each invalid email address, or ignoring them. If you choose to fix them, you can do so from within your account. For example in the below list you can see that if you remove 03 after the end @hotmail.com03 then the email address will work.

Now your successfully imported subscribers are active on your list, and will be sent any future campaigns you send to that list. They will not be emailed any confirmation that they were added, so you can safely import subscribers who have already opted in from a different system.

How to delete a subscriber

For recent subscribers navigate to your lists and subscribers, click the list you wish to remove a subscriber from. Select the subscriber you wish to remove, scroll to the bottom and click delete.

If you wish to search for a subscriber navigate to your lists and subscribers, enter the email into the search bar and press enter, if you know the exact email address you should be sent directly to their email profile, if not pebble mailer will send you to a list of emails that match your search. On the profile click edit, then click “active subscriber” and change it to “deleted subscriber” then click save.