Modules - Literature / Media Downloads

Literature items are files that users can download from the website.

To create literature you must first author a document or file in its native format - such as Microsoft Word or PDF. Once you have the document in the format that you would like to be uploaded, go to 'Modules' > 'Literature'.

If you are using the new Pebble Dashboard it can now be found in Media and Downloads

  1. Click 'Create a new Literature item'.

  2. Enter the 'Literature Name'. This name will display as a link on the website.

  3. Select the 'Literature Type'. This will display an icon along with the link.

  4. Click 'Save'.

  5. Click 'Upload Literature' to upload the file from your local machine.

Add Literature item to a web page

  1. Click 'Add Literature to a Web Page' in the right hand list of options.

  2. In the pop up, choose the page you want to add the item to.

  3. Scroll to where on the page you want to add the item and click the '1-click-insert' button.

  4. Click 'Save and Publish'.

Please note: If literature classification has been enabled for your site, you can optionally choose to 'Classify this Literature' to publish the item to a certain page on the website.