Adding Content to Mobile

Your mobile-optimised website is what users will see when browsing from a mobile device such as an iPhone so be sure to keep the content up to date.

There are two ways to add content to your mobile sites. 

  1. Statically: Editing the page directly.

  2. Dynamically: Classifying an item to the mobile site.

Editing Pages

If you want to edit a page directly you can do so by clicking 'Website' > 'Web Pages'.

  1. Select the 'M' folder.

  2. Select the page you wan to edit.

  3. Type in your content.

Classifying Content

More commonly you will classifying content to the mobile site. 

  1. Go to the item you want to add to the mobile site (ie. Announcement, Webapp, etc).

  2. Select the item you wish to add.

  3. Click 'Classify this item'.

  4. Assign the item to the relevant section of the mobile category.