Getting Started with Mailer

Log in to Pebble Mailer

You can log into Pebble Mailer using the details supplied to you at

Create and send a campaign

When you log in for the first time you'll have an option to 'Create your first campaign'. Alternatively, you can click on the 'Campaigns' tab (at the top of the page) > 'Create new campaign'.

Fill in the boxes. The instructions are easily laid out for you to follow.

Click 'Next'.

Select your Template

Depending on your package you'll have a master template to start new campaigns from, this will be under the 'My Templates' tab on the left. You can also use a past email you have sent as a starting point for your next campaign, under the 'Recent Emails' tab on the left

Click 'Next'.

Editing Your email

To edit your campaign you can click on the 'Edit' option for any area you have control over making changes. 

In the edit box on the left hand side you can add content, change images and add links. To add a link to the image, title or Read More button select the 'cog' icon to the right and select Edit Link or add link and paste the full website address in the field (if there is a "#" in the field area, make sure you always remove it).

Once you are finished adding content you can click save and move on the next story.

Creating multiple stories

For the multi-story template you can add as many items as you want using the 'Add New' button. You'll have an option to choose from a variety of layouts so select the one that suits the story and create it.

You can also move your stories around using the 'Drag'option which is only available when you have more than one story.


Click 'Preview' to see what your email will look like. Remember this is only a guide. We highly recommend that you send a test campaignto yourself to make sure it turns out right with the content you've provided.

Defining Recipients

Once you've created your campaign you can assign one or multiple lists to your email. If a customer is in multiple lists they'll only get the email once.

Click 'Next' and you're ready to test and schedule your campaign for delivery.