Pebble Mailer Subscriber Notification Emails

Subscriber Notifications provide a flexible new way to keep up with the people joining your subscriber lists. You can be sent a summary of signup activity every day, week or month.

Managing subscriber notification emails

In Pebble Mailer you’ll notice Subscriber notifications are located in the right sidebar of your "Manage Subscribers" page. To get started, click Manage my preferences, as shown here:

This will display the Subscriber Notifications page:

Here you can choose which list, or lists, you want updates on and how often you want to be notified. There are two settings to choose from:

  • Notify me instantly means you'll be emailed every time a new subscriber signs up to the list, or lists, you select. (If your website experiences high subscriber rate we would not recommend this.)
  • Send me a summary provides regular updates on new subscriber activity across all your lists, delivered to your inbox once a day, week or month. (We recommend this as it gives a nice general overview of your subscribers. Monthly summaries are usually the best option.)

You can optionally tick both checkboxes. This means you'll get an email every time someone subscribes to the lists you've selected, plus you'll get a summary report of all lists at the frequency you've specified: daily, weekly or monthly.

To turn off all notifications, just deselect both the Notify me instantly and Send me a summary checkboxes.

Click Save preferences to complete.

NOTE: Weekly summary notifications are sent every Monday and monthly summaries go out on the first day of the month, both at 8am.