Ecommerce - Products

If eCommerce has been enabled, products enable you to sell merchandise, tickets or gift vouchers on your website.

To create a product go to 'eCommerce' > 'Products'

  1. Click 'Add Product'

  2. Enter 'Product Name'

  3. You need to select a 'Small Image', which will be used as the main image of the product.

  4. Selecting 'Downloadable Product' will allow users to download a literature item as their purchase.

Please note: There are other miscellaneous settings but in most cases you won't need to use these.

Setting product prices

To add a price to a product you need to select that product and click on the Prices tab.

Then you need to select which country you want to add a price to and enter 'RRP' and 'Sell Price'.

You can also specify the tax rate that applies to this product when sold in that country. This will have to be setup prior and is only used for display and calculation purposes.

Assigning a product to a Catalogue

For products to display they need to be added to a catalogue. Click on the catalog tab and move the catalogue you want your product in from the left column to the right.

Inventory Control

From time to time you may need to control inventory for products.

'Control Inventory' - click enable to enable inventory control. If you have an unlimited number of this product in stock you should leave the inventory disabled, otherwise you should select this option and enter the number of products you have in stock into the field below. The system will subtract the products from the total and update it every time the product is sold

'Hide if Out of Stock' - the product will be removed from the live website if this option is selected.