Quick Pre-Send Email Campaign Check List

Use this handy pre-send check-list as a guide to simplify and bullet proof every new email campaign you create and send out.



Subject line - check for typos, make it intriguing, short and to the point

From name & email address - ensure company related

Template - select your custom responsive template



Layout sections - add the required layout sections to add in your content, delete unused ones

Body copy - add personalisation (first name), check for typos, readability

Headings - are they linked correctly?

Call to action buttons - are they linked correctly?

Images - do you have permission to use them? are they linked correctly? do they have alt text?

Guest Review - have you added the latest guest review?



Lists - select the list/s you wish to send your email to

PMS database - ensure the latest past guest database from your PMS has been uploaded

OTA email addresses - ensure emails from OTA bookings are collected upon check-in and imported



Preview - ensure you preview the email, via the online preview link

Links - test all links

Test email - send a test email to yourself and someone else - a set of fresh eyes, helps pick up anything you have accidentally missed, don’t forward the email as the styling breaks

Tweak & re-test - until time to send!



Schedule - your campaign to send immediately or at a time in the future, avoid holidays when people are away and Mondays and Fridays



Analytics & Insights - see how your campaign performed and compare results against previous campaigns


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