Removing OTA booking emails from lists

If you are importing new subscribers that have come from your booking system, you may find automatically generated emails within the lists, such as ''. These need to be removed as they are not real email addresses, these will also bump up the subscriber count in your Pebble Mailer lists.

We have listed some steps below to remove subscribers. Pebble Design is more than happy to do this for you which we can add to a support block.

It is best if these subscribers are not uploaded to Pebble Mailer at all.

  1. Once all the subscribers are added to a list, click into the list so you can see the list of email addresses.
  2. In the right side bar is 'Segments' click this
  3. This screen will let you segment subscribers in the list based on rules, we will be focusing on removing subscribers with the email address ''. So in the drop down list select 'Email Address' > 'Contains' then in the third field add ''
  4. Name the segment, OTA booking emails and click the green 'Save & Preview'
  5. Once the subscribers are listed, click the 'Export Segment' button on the right above the list, exporting as a CSV file.
  6. Now, go back to the original subscriber list.
  7. On the right side on the lists under 'More Actions' is 'Remove subscribers' click into this
  8. Here you can copy and paste all the email addresses in the list we just exported
  9. Click the red 'Remove Subscribers'
  10. Done!