Resizing Images Using ipiccy

Resizing images ensure the image fits the designed space perfectly on your website, you can also use Photoshop! However is a great free alternative!

Otherwise please contact Pebble and we can resize and upload the images for you! **Please note support charges will apply

  1. Click the blue 'edit a photo' button

  2. It will prompt you to open a photo on your computer, follow this to open the image you need

  3. Once the image has loaded, go to the 'resize image' button in the left hand panel, and enter the dimensions you need, they do not have to be exact but always larger than the size needed. You may need to unclick the checkbox 'Constrain Proportions'

  4. After you have the right size, click the 'Apply' button

  5. Click the top middle button 'Save' and call it the best file name to match where on the website it is going. Save as 'Quality: Normal'