Sending an Email Campaign

Once you have created your first campaign you are ready to send.

Click on the 'Overview' tab at the top of the page and select the campaign you wish to send. From this page you can edit your newsletter and define recipients. Click on define recipients.

Define Recipients

Test and Define Delivery

The very minimum you should do is make use of the built in 'send a test email' function to view the email in your own email program.

You can access this when setting up an email campaign. After you've selected the recipient list for the campaign, you'll reach the testing screen.

Test Newsletter

You'll see that the default tab selected is 'Manual Test'. Here you can enter up to 5 email addresses, and send a copy of your campaign to them all at once.

This is perfect for quickly checking your campaign in the email programs you have available. Setup a free Gmail and Yahoo! account, for example, and use those. The last 5 addresses you tested with will be remembered for next time.

How to test your personalized email

Make sure you have got your campaign setup, and have defined the recipient list that includes the relevant custom fields.

Then, when you get to the testing screen you will see that you can now choose to send a personalized version of your email to any address. The personalization tags will be filled out using the details of a random subscriber from your list, so you can see the email exactly as they will when you send the campaign.

You can also choose to test the fallback terms, which is what any subscriber who does not have a value set for that field would see.

Click 'Send the Test Email'

Once you're happy with the email you can either 'Skip the Test' or 'Schedule for Delivery'.

Follow the rest of the instructions to deliver your campaign either immediately or on set a date.