Setting up your map API

For us to set up your interactive map API we'll require you to create a project within your Google Cloud Account, and add; this way we can finalise the set up of the API.

Please find the steps for this below:

  1. Go to
  2. log into your account
  3. click on “menu” in the top left
  4. navigate to IAM & admin > IAM
  5. Create a new project in none exist > select “create new project”
  6. Name the project “[Website Name] – Map API”
  7. select “add member”; please add
  8. Select the role “owner”
  9. Please also select the option to send us a notification; this allows us to accept the invitation.
  10. save

For the map API to work correctly on your site, you will also need to add a billing account; please find the steps below:

  1. Navigate to or select 'billing' from the menu
  2. ensure that the project you just created is selected in the top left
  3. If you have a billing account already set up, please link this one
  4. Otherwise please create a new billing account following the steps
  5. When setting up your billing account; please ensure you have “auto renew” enabled. This will ensure that your map will continue to work on the website.