Web Apps - Special Offers

The special offers module is a great way to display your promotions across the entire website for maximum visibility.

To create a special go to 'Modules' > 'Web Apps' > 'Special Offers'

Please note: On some of our websites this may be called the 'Promotion Manager', also all images must be at least 2000px wide and no larger than 5MB if images are being used within the slideshow module.

  1. Click 'Add Item'

  2. Enter 'Item Name' - This will be the name of the special displayed on the website.

  3. Fill in the additional special offer fields.

  4. Enter the 'Description' - This will be the main content of the special.

  5. Click 'Save'.

  6. If required, classify the Web App Item to the relevant page by clicking on the 'Actions' box at the top of the page and selecting 'Classify this Item' from the drop down menu. Select the category you would like it classified too and move it to the right column.