The Pro Email Marketing Secrets...

The simple fact is, email marketing works. It is also the easiest way to connect with loyal guests ongoing. We are here to help make you an email pro...


subject lines

Keep it short, approx 6 to 10 words, approx 55 characters. Make it intriguing and to the point (not a long sentence), use power words (awesome, exclusive, special offer, etc), avoid spam words (free, buy, sale, etc), personalise (insert subscriber’s name or you, your, we), avoid using all uppercase (considered shouting), excessive punctuation marks (!!!!!!), try using emoji’s (be conservative, not excessive).


“from” email address

Your subscribers want to know you are not SPAM and you are human. Put a legit ‘from’ name and ‘from’ email address, either your hotel/business name and email or your name / job position and email.


responsive template

Select the appropriate template, add in your required sections (1 column, 2 column, with image, without, etc) and then begin adding in your content and images, etc. Delete any sections you do not wish to use. If there are any elements of the email that you are unable to update, we will have to update them for you, as they are most likely embedded template sections. Generally the header and footer sections. Email us and we will make these updates for you.



Always make sure you copy and paste clean text from a text editing program with plain text e.g. NotePad (PC) or TextEdit (Mac), avoid word or email or another website as this breaks the styling. Don’t be text heavy, think mobile first, balance image size and text. Check spelling, grammar, all text links work (correctly linked), headings are linked, content is compelling / makes sense / easily read, short and to the point as you want your subscribes to click through to your website for more information. Intro: add personalisation (‘Dear First Name’ or ‘Dear Guest’ as the fallback). Make sure your fonts and colours are all correct and on brand.



Sized and optimised correctly, sourced correctly, not taken from Google image search or other websites unless you have their approval to do so (especially for events). Recommended: use your own photography or imagery or purchase stock photography (to avoid any copyright infringements, fines do happen), we can help you with this.



Make sure all links - link back to your website, not a third party site. Linking back directly to your website is great for SEO, Google likes this, it sees your website is popular and ranks it more favourably. Simply create a specific landing page (special, what’s on, news) page to link back to, then you can link out to any third party sites from there (ie. events, for more details, etc). Always use the full link when adding hyperlinks in emails, include (http://) - eg.


when to send

You can choose to send your email straight away (instantly) or schedule it via a date and time in the future. Good times to send emails are 11am Tuesday & Thursday, however every email campaign is different. You may have an unbeatable last minute food & beverage offer for the weekend that would be perfect to email on a Friday morning. Test different times and see what is achieving the best results. Avoid Monday morning, school holidays and public holidays.


segment lists

Your subscribers aren't all alike. It can be super beneficial to segment subscribers and treat them differently, such as creating seperate lists for leisure guests, corporate, wedding, restaurant or by location. Therefore making it easier to specifically target the group with future email campaigns. This can increase open rates, click rates and conversion rates dramatically.


post-send stats

Analytics & statistics are very important to see how well your email went and what you can improve on next time. Under the ‘campaign’ menu, click on each sent campaign to view results. The top ‘insights’ menu also provides juicy in-depth statistics and compares against previous campaigns. This tool is gold when it comes to making sure you are improving your email marketing skills and driving more traffic to your website, but most importantly connecting as best you can with your guests and giving them what they want. Keep an eye on the open rate, click rate and the click to open rate. You can drill down further and see which lists are engaging the most. Don’t forget to also check your Google Analytics account for a spike in website visitors which correlate with your email blasts.

Benchmark - Monthly Newsletter - average: open rate: 36% / click rate: 15%.

Benchmark - One Off Promotion - average: open rate: 49% / click rate: 26%.



Google recognises websites that are popular and visited regularly so it’s important for SEO to actively drive more visitors to your website. People love to stay informed, especially from their favourite hotel, we all love to be reminded of the good things in life. It’s not just our job but our obligation to ensure we make our guests happy and connect with them often so that they feel as though they belong. The trick is to be consistent and engaging, so your subscribers don’t become stale or bored, but not too overwhelming and in your face (sending an email everyday), as this may become annoying and your subscribers may jump ship (higher unsubscribe rate). We recommend sending a monthly newsletter plus a monthly once off promotion.


what to include

Monthly Newsletter: a new blog post, any upcoming events, latest guest review, latest selection of photos, a unique special or social media competition and book direct / best rate guaranteed banner.

Monthly Promotion: choose between a unique special or a social media competition. 72hr/48hr/24hr exclusive offers can promote urgency (countdown timer), animated GIF promo banners and CTA buttons are great for grabbing attention, which all link to a specific special offer landing page on your website. We find once off promotions tend to perform and convert better, as there is one key focus, linking back to one location, with no other distractions. Give us a call to discuss.


special offers

Special offers should always be new and exciting - not the same one re-used over and over, subscribers get bored very quickly and you will have less engagement / less click rates. Email specials should be short and sweet to act as teasers and create interest without giving the whole offer away. Intrigue is key. Giving away the special in the email is bad for click rates and for driving traffic to your website (inturn bad for SEO). Tailor seasonal specials, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring, use compelling content directly related to that season. Always make your offer awesome, a compelling discount and a list of great incentives to help sell it (at least 3) - eg. unlimited free wifi, free bottle of wine, complimentary buffet breakfast, free parking, etc.


Juicy Email Extras Pebble can help with...

Here are a few juicy extras Pebble can help with to boost your email marketing strategies:

  1. Animated GIF’s - 5 second video footage, promo banners, CTA buttons, book direct / best rate guaranteed footer banners
  2. Automated email journeys for new subscribers - 'Thank you for subscribing!'
  3. Pre & post stay automated e-triggers
  4. 72 hour sales with landing page and countdown timer
  5. Video in email - currently working in IOS, Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc
  6. Social competitions - FB likes, Instagram, etc