WP - Adding a Promotion

Please note you will only have this module if it was in the original website scope - otherwise, we are able to add this to your website, please just let us know!

  1. Log into the admin section, and select the 'Promotions' module tab on the left hand side

  2. Here you can either select a current Promotion to edit the contents of, or select the blue 'Add new' button at the top. ** For this guide we will create a new promotion **

  3. After clicking the blue 'add new' button, type in the title of your promotion, this will be shown on the website

  4. The first text box is where you can add the description of the special, this is where you 'sell' the promotion to your website visitors. What makes them want to book this promotion?

  5. Scrolling down the next section will be 'Promotion Details'. This section will show all the additional details visible to your website visitors, such as price and button URL which you can change to your third party booking engine live URL with promo code included within the full URL, if no URL is added, the button will default to the contact section of the website

  6. After all the details have been added, scroll up to see the right hand side details. Here you will see the 'featured image' tab. Click 'Set featured image' and either select an image from the media library or upload a new one

  7. Once you are happy with all the content and image selection, be sure to select the blue 'Publish' button on the right hand side

  8. It is always important to find the new promotion on the website to ensure it looks correct as well as the booking button links correctly