WP - Ecommerce

Adding Event Tickets / Packages / Gift Vouchers

Please note that the below is only applicable to Pebble Design WordPress sites with ecommerce, and additional modules setup.

  1. Login to your Pebble Design website
  2. Click Products -> Add New
  3. Click Add New
  4. Enter the Product name, Description, Product Short Description, and enter the required values within the Product data section
  5. If the Gift Voucher is not a physical card that will be sent to customer, within the Product data section, click the Virtual and Downloadable checkboxes
  6. On the right-hand side, within the Product image section, click Set product image and select or upload an image for the Gift Voucher
  7. Within the Product categories section, select one of the following categories: Event Tickets, Packages, Gift Vouchers
  8. Click Publish

After completing the above steps, the new purchasable product will display on the website with other Event Tickets/Packages/Gift Vouchers.

Please refer to the following WooCommerce article for information on more general Product setup within your ecommerce enabled website - Adding and Managing Products