WP - Editing Page Content

Please note some text areas won't be editable as they are within the template of the page due to design purposes. If you wish to edit text within one of these fields please email Pebble and we can do that for you. Please note support charges may apply

Creating a new page will not appear on your website as Pebble must add it to the navigation and ensure the design is consistent throughout the website. If you wish to add a new page, please contact Pebble if you wish to add a new page to your website.

It is not recommended to change the page title or permalink as this will be linked through the website and will cause the website to break. If this does occur, please contact Pebble.

  1. Log into the admin section and go to the 'Pages' module, here will be the list of pages available on your website. Click into the page you wish to edit.

  2. When you enter a page you wish to edit, the text will be within the large white box, here you can edit or update the text as needed.

  3. Once you have finished editing the content, be sure to click the blue 'Update' button on the right hand side.

  4. Make sure to view the page after you have edited the required information to ensure the page appears the same.