WP - Guest Reviews

Please note you will only have this module if it was in the original website scope - otherwise, we are able to add this to your website, please just let us know!

  1. Log into the admin section of your website

  2. On the left hand side click the 'reviews' tab

  3. Here is the list of all guest reviews, click into any one of these to edit the review, such as fixing spelling mistakes. Make sure you click the blue 'Update' button on the right hand side to save any changes.

  4. To create a new guest review select the 'Add New' button.

  5. The title of the review is what appears in the admin section, not on the website. However this may be different for your website, feel free to create a test review to find out how all the sections appear on the website, then delete afterwards.

  6. Fill in the large text block with the review, underneath in the 'Review Description' area will be the title area, which will appear on the website, there may also be reviewer name and email address, however these can change depending on your website requirements.

  7. After you have finished adding in all the required information click the blue 'Publish' button on the right hand side

  8. Make sure you go to the review section or page on your website to ensure your newly added review is pulling through correctly