WP - Pop-up Module

Please note you will only have this module if it was in the original website scope - otherwise, we are able to add this to your website, please just let us know! 🙂

Click here to scroll to 'Creating a pop-up'

Pop-up Layouts

Sticky Button


Pop-up with Image and Content (Book Now - Call to Action) - Image sizes: "900x420px"


Pop-up with Graphic (Portrait) - Image sizes: "500x750px"


Pop-up with Graphic (Landscape) - Image sizes: "900x600px"


Subscribe Pop-up

**Please note Subscribe is an extra feature, if you would like this please let us know**


Subscribe with Image Pop-up

**Please note Subscribe is an extra feature, if you would like this please let us know**



Creating your Pop-up (contact us for costs to enable this on your website)

  1. Log into the admin section, and select the 'Pop-up' module tab on the left hand side

  2. Here you can either select a current Pop-up to edit the contents of, or select the blue 'Add new' button at the top.

  3. After clicking the blue 'add new' button, type in the title of your pop-up, this will be shown on the pop-up

  4. The first text box is where you can add the text content of the pop-up. What do you want your pop-up to say?

  5. Over to the right you will see 'Featured Image', this is where you select an image / graphic for your pop-up (optional)

  6. Scrolling down the next section will be 'Popup Details'. This section will show all the additional details and features such as pop-up type, pop-up button link etc.

  7. A quick break down of each Option:

    Pop-up Enable/Disable as the name suggests, this will enable your pop-up if checked

    Pop-up Visibility this is when you want the pop-up to appear:

    The pop-up has 3 different types to choose from; "Sticky Button", "Timeout" and "Abandonment". You can combine these 3 options in 7 different ways.

    • 'Sticky button' will have a fixed pop-up button appear on the side of the screen which when clicked will make the pop-up appear. The Sticky Button can also be a direct link, instead of triggering the pop-up (see Sticky Button Direct Link below).
    • 'Timeout' the pop-up will appear after a delay of landing on the page,
    • 'Abandonment' has a the pop-up appear as the user goes to leave the page.

    (you can have a combination of all 3, 'Timeout' and 'Abandonment' will only show once for a user)

    Pop-up Type this is the type of pop-up an image/graphic only, image with content, etc. **Please note Subscribe is an extra feature, if you would like this please let us know**

    Pop-up Priority this feature allows you too create as many pop-ups as you like and to keep a record of them and store them within the system, you can prioritise a pop-up over other stored pop-ups to make sure the desired pop-up is displayed correctly. **Please only have one set to prioritise**

    Sticky Button Text this is what you want your button to say, it will read 'Unlock Exclusive Offer' if left empty

    Sticky Button Direct Link if you wish the the button to be a direct link (not show the pop-up but link off directly to another page/website) **Link is set below: call to action URL**

    Subscription Title this will the title above your subscribe form in the pop-up, this will default to "Sign Up & Receive exclusive offers" if left empty. **Please note Subscribe is an extra feature, if you would like this please let us know**

    Subscription Text this is text that will read below the Subscription Title, this is optional

    Call To Action URL 'Call to action' is where you want your pop-up to go ie: Book Now button. If left empty it will go to the contact page / form. If you don't wish to have a call to action you can disable below

    Call To Action Text text of the call to action button

    Call To Action Target would you like the link to open in a new window?

    Call To Action Visibility disable 'Call to action'

  8. Once you have finished creating your pop-up, click 'Publish'