WP - Updating the Photo Gallery

Please note, this is for the photo gallery module. If your photo gallery is going through the 'Slideshow' module, please refer to this link.

  1. Log into the admin section, and select the 'Photo Gallery' module tab on the left hand side

  2. Select the photo gallery you wish to edit

  3. After clicking the blue 'add new' button, type in the title of your Things to Do item, this will be shown on the website

  4. Here all the images will be listed in the order they are shown on the website. If you hover over an image, a blue edit button and red bin will appear in the corner. Click the red bin to remove the image from the gallery. Please note this does not remove it from the website media library.

  5. To add a new image to the gallery, click the green button at the top 'Upload / Select Images'

  6. Move your image by clicking and dragging the image into the place you want it. Please note some galleries will be carefully constructed to use a mixture of portrait and landscape images to create the layout and using the opposite image can cause the layout to break

  7. Once you are happy with all the image selections and changes, be sure to select the blue 'Publish' button on the right hand side

  8. It is always important to find the gallery on the website to ensure it looks correct.