WP - Video Gallery Module

Adding Videos to the Video Gallery module requires an YouTube account as we don't host videos.

Uploading videos to your YouTube account

  1. Head to and sign in (top-right)

  2. In the to-right navigation click Create then Upload Video

  3. A pop-up will apear asking you to select the file, select your video file

  4. Then next screen will prompt you to edit the video's title, description etc. Fill out then click next

  5. Continuing each step by clicking 'Next' then 'Save'.

  6. After uploading is complete, Youtube will redirect you to your Videos, select the video you just uploaded

  7. Copy the video link to your clipboard by clicking the copy icon

  8. Skip the next section 'Getting the share link'


Getting the share link from YouTube

  1. Head over to YouTube

  2. When viewing the video you would like to copy click 'Share'

  3. Click copy to copy the link

  4. Head back to the Admin section of your website


Adding to the video to the Video Gallery Module

  1. In the admin section, navigate to the 'Video Gallery' Module (left column)

  2. Add New of find and existing video you want to update

  3. Paste the share link in the 'Video link' field

  4. Update / Publish