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There is a huge need for responsive website design and why it is so important for hotels

If you look at marketing or visibility of any company, it comes down to really wanting to make your product and company look as best it can out there in the marketplace, otherwise you're really not communicating who you are and what you do, or enticing people to come and buy your products. When it comes to responsive website design, this is a key advantage above all else.

It's a bit like if everybody had a colour TV and you decided you were just going to do black and white TV ads without sound. That's not going to appeal to many people especially when they've gone out there and bought the latest technology and they have this nice colour TV with beautiful sound and you put your ad on. They are really not going to be very impressed with your product and would probably just ignore it and skip onto the next.

Responsive web design is really a little bit like that. It's about utilizing the latest technology features that online marketing offers so it's very important that you do have a responsive website in today's world.

A must in today's technology world

We've been educating out clients since 2013 about this but it's only really gained more and more momentum over the last year or so. It's incredible how so many businesses still don't have a responsive website and yet they are still expecting more customers all the time.

Everyone want's to grow their business. We see so many amazing results with our clients when we can shift a static website or a desktop only website to a medium such as responsive coding. Responsive websites literally respond to as many different screen sizes as you display it on, if built with care. I see many sites that are only partially responsive to 2-3 screen sizes and not 17 media queries like our team code. That's the beauty of responsive website design. It's also future proofing your website so it doesn't matter what screen sizes the hardware guys come up with next, it means your website will still respond to those screen sizes now and into the future.

It's so important to meet your consumers needs by having have a responsive website in today's market

Increased revenue, more bookings, a better user experience

Responsive web design really in a nutshell is going to increase and give you more direct bookings and your website will look better than any other website out there.

You can lay things out beautifully so people flow through the website easily and simply click through to different pages because of the increased user ability.

  • It's really immersing your customers in the experience.
  • Giving them full page, full width images and video.
  • You're able to display content a lot more fluidly and intuitively.
  • You're able to put a lot more space in your communication to make it much easier to read.

Your story told beautifully through better design

It's really about letting you tell your story, a beautiful digital story.

Rather than the old style websites which use a small part of the screen, are busy and have too many links and click throughs, responsive design opens up a whole new world. The human mind is only able to absorb plus or minus seven things at once so it's important to minimize and simplify your information so they can gently scroll down the page, take in the large graphics and text in an easy relaxed fashion. It's easier to understand and more memorable at the same time. Responsive design is really going to help tell your story better and meet with your consumers appreciation.

Responsive websites add huge SEO value

One of the key things about the internet is the search engine optimisation value. This is the foundation of the work that we do. Our whole website strategy, from building the website to the ongoing online marketing momentum is all about SEO (search engine optimisation).

Google did come out last year and say 'If your website is not responsive it could have an adverse effect on your rankings.' Googles' business is about showing and displaying to their customers the best results quickly. They know that more than 50% of people are on a mobile device or multiple devices and do prefer to show mobile friendly sites first in their rankings - it is only common sense if you think about it.

Australians on average use over 4 devices per person

We're based in Australia and it's interesting how Australians have the highest device per person usage. Australians use more than 4 devices per person which are crazy statistics considering how quickly things have changed and new tech is adopted.

It means that websites are being looked at on all different platforms at different times of the day in different stages of the buying journey. So if your product only works on one of those devices you're really missing out on a huge part of the market if not responsive.

We love helping create amazing experiences online for your customers

We love responsive design as a new design medium.

Responsive design is very much a quantum shift in design because it allows us to be more visual instead of having to put loads of information jammed in on a smaller page. It allows us to blend information and images that utilize the whole screen and the whole page as you scroll down. It's really opened up a whole new dimension of design ingenuity.

Yes, there is a very big difference between a standard website and a responsive website.  A responsive website is giving you so much more space to work with to really get your story across for customers to immerse themselves in the experience.

Don't forget responsive email newsletters

One thing not to forget too is email marketing.

It's not only your website that needs to work responsively it is also your email marketing.  We were one of the first to deliver responsive email templates. In recent figures Litmus did a survey across 13 billion emails that were sent out and the open rate for emails on mobile devices was 55% at the time, so it's right up there as being important. So if someone clicks on a link in your email from their phone which goes to your website then your site has to be responsive as well. It has to work on a mobile device or you lose the customer. Keep that in mind if you're ever questioning whether you need a responsive site or not.

Not all responsive websites are created equal

We see a lot of poor responsive coding done most of the time on hotel sites, especially in the generic templates developers use. Unlike us, they don't spend the time to fully custom code their work to create the best end user experience and in return bookings for their clients. We commonly see only 4 different sizes and everything in between breaks or just plain doesn't work. There are over 30 different screen sizes in the market and we cover them by ensuring that the user is having a beautiful experience no matter what size screen they are on. We custom code every page of our sites to 17 different media queries which covers all the different screen sizes and allows for new screens to be added in between these sizes.

We make sure that responsive is truly responsive

If you want to know more and you're not sure if your website is quite cutting the mustard, give us a call, we can check it out for you and we love to have a chat and share our expertise and knowledge.

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