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Today I'd like to talk to you about the truth about Real Hotel SEO (search engine optimisation)

I myself get 10 emails a day from 'SEO companies' wanting to further improve my site or my clients websites and I think a lot of businesses out there have jumped on the bandwagon. A lot of these companies know that this is an area that not many people understand very well and they can make a lot of money by scaring people with fear that they are missing out if they are not doing it and they should spend thousands of dollars with them.

This is a very interesting topic because there is such a lot of miss-information out in the marketplace about seo

I've had clients that have been in this situation where they have been spending thousands of dollars expecting better SEO results and growth, all of which they haven't.

If you are looking to have a new website built, it's the single most important aspect of any hotel website - a really solid SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy. You need a really solid website that has been built from the ground up with key SEO functionality built in that is purely focused on increasing your ongoing long term SEO growth. If you don't you will be forever tipping money into this well hoping to improve your SEO.

We all use Google as our go-to search tool. Anytime we need to know anything we jump on Google and that's the society we live in - 'just Google it'. In younger generations, new mellenials, this is their go to solution to find anything and everything. If your business is not getting found on Google then you are really missing out on a huge slice of the pie. Organic rankings and SEO is such a foundation for us. It's a bit like building a house without a foundation - it will fall over eventually.

It may stand for a little bit but it will fall over, for us the SEO foundation is part of what we do and how we pride ourselves in the work we do.

Get Instant Rankings

You might want to attract instant rankings on the search engines, we have ways of doing that.

We can help you achieve instant recognition on search engines. Pay per click on Google and social media works a treat if you have the budget.

An Effective Content Strategy

There is also a little bit of a love-tale that goes on when it comes to SEO. It's really a love story between Content and SEO for organic rankings (search driven rankings). The two go very much hand in hand and are made for each other.

Almost all of the updates that Google bring out are focused on content. Everyone's heard the phrase 'content is king' but it really is when it comes to SEO. If you expand that beyond the cliche, how are you going to make that content come alive in your business on your website? How is that content going to get through to your clientele, the people who love what you have to offer?

We can help with very effective ongoing content strategies that will help you grow your audience, your business and your revenue through clear and defined content strategies each year. It's really, really important to have that in place.

Long Term Sustainable Growth

The third aspect of SEO is sustainable SEO - long term growth.

This again comes back to how your website has been built. There are many aspects of SEO which are very poorly done in a lot of hotel websites.

The biggest one for me is not having your own guest reviews on your own website. There is a lot of people that place all the emphasis on the OTA websites or TripAdvisor. They are very necessary as part of the channel mix of getting your brand and message out there but if you don't provide guest reviews on your website then you are forcing people to leave and go somewhere else to find these. We all want to know what other people say about their experience. Odds are they are not going to come back because it's all too easy to book other accommodation or even your accommodation via a different channel and you then have to pay the commission for them doing that.

Fast Optimised Website

Google considers page load time as an important factor for your website’s search engine ranking as users demand high speed information delivery.

Google focus and react to the market they serve, just as we need to deliver the best experience for your consumers and guests. So you need to be aware of these implications if you don’t have a fast optimised website. The handcrafted custom responsive websites we create are on average 90+/100 at go live - super fast and optimised which Google loves!

If any of these aspects are important to you or if you would really like to undersand more about how your hotel can benefit from a proper SEO strategy then get in touch with us. We love to have a chat.

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