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We're just not web designers, We've chosen to specialise and work in a niche market and for us it's hotel website design

The story behind that is a whole other story in one of the other videos. We've been working in hospitality for the last 17 years and have developed well over 400 websites now. It's not a huge quantity but we do work on quality as opposed to quantity and we do put a lot of effort into every website that we do.

We help you understand your business better as every property is unique and different and has a different story to be told

We specialise in building custom designed hotel and hospitality websites. We have gone way beyond the generic WordPress templates that a lot of agencies use which are cheap and very much a cookie cutter approach to web design and web technology.

From our experience every property is different and unique and because we have a lot of experience in this industry we know how important it is to communicate the difference between properties. Holiday and travel websites are one of the most commonly visited websites. When you come to booking a hotel, people can view up to 20 or 30 websites before choosing a hotel. So there is a lot of research being done online before buying anything.

From the experience that we've gained, we share our knowledge with our clients and help them to better understand what their customers want and what their needs are. We also help you understand your business better through online market research and help you tell your unique story. It's not just showing a few pillows, room shots and your pool... it's focusing our attention on the detail and communicating this through what we do so well. Make your property memorable, create an emotional appeal for people. Let's go way beyond the facts and to be honest they can get that off any of the OTA sites (Online Travel Agents like

If you don't make your website better than the OTA websites, why will people want to book direct on your website - you need to WOW them and win them over, be willing to be bold and stand out. So yes, it's important to come to a company who has a lot of experience in doing exactly this.

Great Photos and Videos

A great hotel website also needs awesome photography and video. Our skill set offers more than just the website development, we are experienced in shooting Hotels. The true stroy telling does come down to getting great photos and video designed into all pages. We see a lot of varying qualities of that in the hotel industry. I get so annoyed when I see big web companies put sites togther with terrible story telling through the images. Shooting a hotel is very different to shooting other products. You're in small spaces, there are multiple lighting sources and there are a lot of other things to be mindful of. I've worked with many photographers and we get a lot of different results from them, mostly bad and then they get very protective over the use of the images etc. etc. A good website needs a few hundred images to tell a good story and we over deliver every time in this area.

Beautiful hotel Print Collateral

We love graphic design and I've done everything for hotels from corporate ID, signage, logo design, stationery, brochures and flyers, press ads, right down to pillow menus and water bottle tags. So for all your graphic design needs we've got that covered too.

Ongoing Online Marketing Momentum

A big key area once you do have all your printed collateral in place and you've got your website live, we can also help with ongoing marketing.

We specialize in online marketing momentum with hotel websites. We can help with SEO (search engine optimisation) of your website, social media, Pay Per Click, email marketing and so much more... There is a lot we do for our clients and from our experience, we know what works when it comes to ongoing online hotel marketing and long term SEO.

For us it's a complete package, a complete formula

It's a system that we've developed over many years in the industry to really help our clients understand what they can do, when to do it, how to do it and how to get the most effective return on the money they invest in their marketing and advertising.

Hotel website and hotel email benchmark figures

We've done so many hotel websites now and are privileged to be able to dive deep into the hotel website and email marketing statistics. We create yearly reports with benchmark or industry average figures. We are looking at average figures across 100's of hotel websites and in particular which sites are performing the best and why. We have different benchmark categories for small volume, medium and large volume properties, email benchmarks, email triggers, email campaigns as well as historical data comparisons. I can look at individual hotel website figures and know exactly where we can help improve or where our clients marketing is being effective in their current strategy. I get a lot of enjoyment in adding huge value to our clients businesses and helping them to navigate how to grow their business through the data we are able to share.

If you can get your hands on one of our benchmark reports it's going to give you great insights and an added edge for you to succeed and do better online with your property. I'm available for consulting, so please get in touch if you feel I can be of assistance.

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